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What they Didn't Tell You...

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#26 tigerlady

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Posted 02 November 2009 - 04:39 PM

I can totalllllllly relate about the epsiotomy! I had a forcep delivery and the stitches were soo painful. I found ice to help quite a bit. I agree with Adriennes advice about the BM... wow that was awful!!

Me 34 DH 50 TTC 5 Years, 2 Ectopic, one tube removed one blocked.. many miscarriages and grief later 1 Laparotomy, 1 Laprascopy
Dec 9, 2008 start BCP Dec 20,2008 Start Suprefact Jan 2, 2009 start Puregon....wooohooo good-bye Suprefact headaches
23 Follicles, 20 growing I am starting to feel like I will burst!!! ER: Jan 14Thank god thats over with!!!!!! 11 Eggs retrieved - 9 Fertilized
ET - Jan 17 930 am - transferred 2 8cell grade 3.5 embryos,,, 2 to Freeze :-)) Beta Jan 28- 113 Beta Jan 30- 339 Beta Feb 2- 1570 DUE DATE Oct 8, 2009 u/s feb 9 One baby!
2nd u/s Feb 20 143 HB! All is well, no more trips to OFC! ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shelby-Anne Darcy was born on Sept 17, 2009 at 1920hrs weighing 7lbs5oz!!!! My beautiful little miracle!!

IVF #2 - Consult Mar 17, 2010!! March 29 - Baseline ultrasound - 26 Follicles Woohoo STarted BCP April 28 Suprefact May 8 225iu Puregon May 21 ER: June 2 11 Eggs retrieved!! Only 6 fertilized ET: June 5 2 embies 8 cell grade 4 and 8 cell grade 3 POAS-a-thon begins June 14 - Beta:June 18 BFP - thought it was miscarriage - nope, thought it was ectopic--no..dont think so, something in the uterus......the suspense.....

IVF#3 Nov 21 start Suprefact, Dec 3 Puregon ----- stay tuned - transferred 2 perfect eggs on Day 3
We are pregnant!! WOohoo Beta 3025 JAN - One perfect bean measuring a week ahead and a beautiful heartbeat!
Mitchell Robert Alphonse Cormier was born August 02, 2011 at 2014 hrs weighing 6 pounds, 6 ounces~

#27 Ope

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Posted 02 November 2009 - 05:57 PM

I can totalllllllly relate about the epsiotomy! I had a forcep delivery and the stitches were soo painful. I found ice to help quite a bit. I agree with Adriennes advice about the BM... wow that was awful!!

We got stool softener in the hospital, which helps a lot. I kept taking those until I healed maybe for a week or so
right now me : 37 Dh:40

TTC #1: natural TTC 1.5 yrs
Dh: 35, Severe Male factor infertility, morphology is 1-2%
Me: 32 , tubes open, no endo, regular ovulation, all hormones are good, 3rd day FSH 5.3 , antral follicle count is 12, only problem is my weight BMI: 30

IVF/ ICSI #1: 2008 February -McGill, Montreal
Long protocol: BCP for 1 month, burselin from CD21, 300 Gonal F and 150 Luveris for 10 days
ER: 11 egg , 6 mature , 5 fertilized, 3rd day transfer:a 7 cell & an 8 cell embyos, no frosties.
1st beta : 13dp3dt: 77, BFP
2008,November 19th: Adam has arrived 7 lb 4 oz, 21"

TTC #2: natural TTC 1.5 yr
Dh :39 morphology went up to 4%, we meet the IUI cutoff! count are fluctuating from 30 to 105 million, motility is great. Caryotyping is normal
Me: 36 FSH is slightly elevated and keep rising 8.5, 8.8, 8.9, 9.8 , AFC is still 12, everything else looks good.

IUI #1: Edmonton, 2011 January ,Clomid 50mg (x5), 106 mil ,68% motile, grade 4 :BFN
IUI #2: Edmonton, 2011 February, Clomid 50mg (x5), 30 mil, 57% motile, grade 3: BFN
IUI #3: Edmonton, 2011 March, Clomid 50mg (x5), 88 mil , 49% motile, grade 4: BFN
IVF#2: 2011 May, Edmonton: long protocol , nasal suprefact : CANCELLED due to high progresteron & cyst
IVF#3: 2011 August, Edmonton: short protocol/natural start: CANCELLED due to high progesterone
IVF#4: 2001 September, Edmonton: short protocol with BCP: CANCELLED due to high progresteron & cyst
Change clinic

IVF #5: 2012 March-April Hungary: stimulation starts march 28, 300 Menopur
mixed protocol: BCP for months, CD3: Menopur 300& lupron for 8 days
ER : April 8th , 4 eggs retrieved, all were mature and fertilized with ICSI and AH
ET : April 11th, 1 A quality 8 cell, and 1 A quality 4 cell embryo transferred, no frosties.
BFP on the HPT at 7dp3dt: happy 37th birthday to me :D
Beta: , 12dp3dt: 150, 2nd Beta, 15dp3dt: 550
Anna has arrived on 21st December after being induced at 39 week. She is 6 lb 9 oz, 20" , and has blue eyes, and long dark brown hair and just perfect !

#28 FuzzyFur

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Posted 02 November 2009 - 06:07 PM

My 2 cents:

You will bleed for weeks afterwards....I was beginning to worry after several weeks - I think I bled for close to 5 weeks.

Ice, squirt bottles & sitz baths with epsom salts are your friend - take time to use your sitz bath several times a day....you won't regret it

You will have horrible "hot flashes", often when you are sleeping, and you will sweat so much you could fill up a swimming pool.

Get out of the house if you can, if only a walk around the block - it helps a lot with the hormone crash and you can feel a bit normal for a few minutes.

:) Jen
Me:39 DH:40
TTC since Aug 2005
Male Factor - Embolization Surgery Jan 2007 - didn't work

IVF #1 - Start Synarel Aug 22/07
Sept 17/07 - ER!!!!!!!! 16 eggs retrieved - all ICSI

Sept 18/07 - 15 eggs injected - 7 embrios (grow embies grow!)
Sept 20/07 - ET - 10am - 2 beautliful 8-cell Grade 1 embrios!
Oct 05/07 - 15dp3dt BFP!! - Beta 1100
Oct 13/07 - 2nd Beta 15717!!!
Oct 19/07 - 1st U/S (6w4d) - 1 healthy baby - 120pbm!
Nov 26/07 - 1st Prenatal visit - Heartbeat 154bpm
Jan 30/08 - Ultrasound! (21w2d)
DUE DATE - June 10, 2008

June 23/08 - Griffin Patrick is here! 8lbs 5oz - 22 inches long

June 9/09-Here we go again! FET#1
July 17/09 - CYCLE CANCELLED - not responding to meds[/color]
Aug 15/09 - FET#1 - round 2!
Sept 1 - ET - welcome home frosties!
Sept 15 - 14dp5dt BFP!! - Beta 957 - wooohooo!
Oct 9 - 7w6d - u/s # 2 - no growth....this one is over

IVF/ICSI #2 (Flare protocol)
Nov 16/09 - CD3 b/w & u/s - start Superfact injections
Nov 18/09 - CD5 - start stims - E2 116 - 200iu Puregon
Nov 20/09 - CD7 - E2 2209 - 125iu Puregon
Nov 23/09 - CD10 - E2 14094 - no stims, Superfact only
Nov 24/09 - CD11 - E2 15963 - no stims, no Superfact
Nov 25/09 - CD12 - E2 11780 - hcg trigger 9pm
Nov 27/09 - ER - 11 eggs retrieved - all ICSI
Nov 28/09 - 6 eggs fertilized - grow embies, grow!
Nov 30/09 - ET - Grade2, 10-cell & Grade3, 8-cell
Dec 14/09 - 14dp3dt BFP!! Beta 550 (cautiously optimistic)
Dec 21/09 - 21dp3dt - Beta 8031 - YAY!
Jan 08/10 - 8 weeks - u/s - one healthy bean h/b 167bpm
DUE DATE - Aug 20, 2010

Sept 1/10 - Declan James is here! 7lbs 15 3/4oz - 20 inches long

Are there any more in our future??? 1 frostie remains

#29 Jen-ttc

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Posted 03 November 2009 - 11:49 AM

Thanks for sharing this information, ladies! As scary as it is to read some of the experiences, I prefer to be informed, at least know what 'could' happen and some remedies/ tricks to help.
me (43) & DH (48)
Our darling daughter, Charlotte, born Jan 19, 2010
Furbaby: Lily the dog

Our loooooong journey to parenthood (I keep this to remind me of all the steps along the way and hope it helps others):
  • TTC #1 since 06/01 & charting since 03/02
  • Oct/02: Spontaneous ectopic pregnancy & right tube removed with emerg surgery
  • April 17/04: 1st IVF consult
  • June/04: IVF #1 - 21 retrieved, 2 grade A, 8-cell embryos transferred, 13 frozen: BFN
  • Aug 16/04: FET - 3 transferred & 8/18 - 1 transferred: BFN
  • Nov/04: IVF #2 - 11 retrieved, 9 fertilized, 4 transferred, none to freeze & another BFN
  • June/05: completed home study for China adoption, but put file on hold to pursue IVF at SIRM Las Vegas. In hindsight, not our best decision.
  • Aug/05: Immune testing results: Heterozygous MTHFR, borderline APAs, high ATAs & TSH.
  • Sept/05: IVF #3 at SIRM: worst cycle ever! 7 retrieved, 6 fertilized, none to transfer due to embies arresting by day 3
  • Oct/05: Moving forward with adoption from China.
  • April/06: Adoption file sent for gov't approval
  • July/06: gov't approval for adoption
  • Aug 15/06: DTC! We're Group 273! :)
  • Sept 13/06: LID!! Waiting for our China referral which we now expect in 2012 or later. Meanwhile.....
  • Jan 25/07 & Mar 16/07: Consult at MFC with Dr. V.
  • May 23/07: Lap surgery - remaining tube drained & clipped.
  • Started Natural IVF at MFC in Aug/07 & completed 6 cycles with good embryos but all BFN. 6th NIVF in July, 2008 - transferred 8-cell embryo with IVIG: BFN
  • Oct/08: IVF with injections. 7 eggs, 6 fertilized. IVIG infusion on ER day. Two 5-day blasts transferred & 2 frozen. BFN
  • Nov/08: Additional testing thru Alan Beer Cntr for immune issues showed low LADS (blocking antibodies) & high cytokines, in addition to already known immune issues. LIT & Humira recommended treatment.
  • Feb 13/09: Surgery removed remaining tube & small uterine septum.
  • Mar & April/ 09: Two LIT treatments in Mexico. LADS increased from 4 to 71%! BTW, that's really good!
  • May - June /09 - IVF: ER May 25 - 10 eggs, 9 fertilized; IVIG; transferred 2 5-day blasts & 4 to freeze.
  • Beta test: June 11th>>> Finally a BFP at 518!!!!
  • July 2nd - 1st ultrasound: 2 heartbeats, but only one measuring strong and at expected size.
  • Jul 16th - 2nd u/s: 1 strong heartbeat & our little bean did a dance for us.
  • Aug 5th: 3rd u/s & OB consult - our little bean is looking more like a baby and everything is on target.
  • Sept 23: 18 week check-up (in my 19th week) - We're expecting a baby girl and everything is looking perfect!!
  • EDD: Feb 17/10
  • Our beautiful baby girl arrived early on Tues, Jan 19, 2010.
  • April/10: Withdrew adoption file for China adoption due to extending wait times.
  • Dec /11: Follow-up AEB testing completed. Feb /12: AEB test results: super high cytokines, high TSH, high NKs and borderline MTHFR. Recommended treatment is increase thyroid meds, IVIG, Humira, lovenox, BA and extra folic acid.
  • 2 doses Humira 2 wks apart (June 14 & June 28)
  • Natural FET: Aug 22: CD1. Aug 29th: monitoring starts. Sept 7: IVIG; Sept 8th: transfer 2 frozen blasts. Sept 20th - 1st beta: 66. Sept 24th - repeat beta: 174. Sept 26th - 3rd beta: 284. Sept 28th - 4th beta 457: Oct 1st - 5th beta: 716. Not doubling as expected with a normal pregnancy. Oct 3rd- beta: 1033; u/s to confirm location/ viability: a 6 wk gestational sac in the right place with a flicker of a heartbeat. Oct 9: u/s showed bean with heart rate of 122 and right size. Oct 19th - u/s: We are so sad that there is no heartbeat and embryo stopped growing. :(

#30 jaan

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Posted 11 November 2009 - 09:49 PM

Great list!

I do remember the hormone crash, I was visiting the twins in the nursery and started crying the nurse was so good she just let me cry and pulled the curtain around me it was horrible. I had days where I was crying out of happiness and other days crying because of fear and being completely overwhelmed.

My c-section was a breeze compared to natural delivery with dd(episiotomy and tearing, not nice)

Sleep, being sleep deprived was the worst thing, functioning with 2-3hrs sleep was brutal, I agree with DB if people are over visiting go nap, my parents would come to visit but I couldn't nap, they wanted me awake while they visited if I could go back in time I would have said "you can visit, if I get to sleep" :th_asleep: :rolleyes:

Janet(41) Andrew(38)
DD Kyra(24) Natural Pg 1991

Twins(9) Erik & Matthew 2006 IVF
Furbaby Jasper (14)




#31 dove

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Posted 12 November 2009 - 02:26 PM

This is a great list. I felt completely unprepared at delivery even though I had taken classes. I didn't expect my water to break at home and like loopy said adult diapers would have come in real handy as there was tons of water gushing out and for a long time. I also developed an infection during delivery and the baby got tachycardia from it. I signed all the papers for a c-section and then there was a dispute amongst the doctors (NICE)that since I was over 8 cm and there was a line up for surgery I should continue to try to push him out. I pushed for an hour but his head wouldn't go past some bone so the doctor made a decision to use forceps and vacuum and a large episiotomy (stiched for 45 minutes and then I had a hemmorage). I think c-section may have been easier. I was not prepared for the confusion, and all the things that could go wrong. I was not prepared for how tired I would be afer. I was in the hospital for 5 days after and I don't think I slept at all. The breastfeeding also was much harder than I thought. Regarding the episiotomy (ice for 24 hrs, take colace and pain killers). Be prepared for the unexpected and ask questions (I don't think I asked enough). After the delivery I felt like pregnancy was nothing in comparison. I just never expected it to be so hard on my body and I know now there is a reason why they say it takes 6 weeks to recover. Rest up and don't let anyone tell you what you should be doing and how quickly after birth. Also don't expect to bond with your baby immediately (some do but for me it took time) and don't feel like a bad mother if you don't.
me: 42
DH 47
DX: unexplained
TTC: 6 years
5 iui, natural and clomid 2007 - all negative
ivf #1 January 08 2 blasts - negative
(Fet #1): May/08 1 blast- early miscarriage
ivf #2 Aug/08 2 blasts - negative again
(Fet #2) 2 blasts - negative
(Fet #3) Jan 26 2009--3 blasts -postive, over the moon
Feb 4 1st beta 203, Feb 6 -502
7, 12, 20 and 26 wk ultrasounds: everything on target, one baby, we're thrilled.
EDD: Oct. 14\Baby boy born October 16, 2009!
Trying for a sibling with our frozen blasts:
Fet 1: 2 blasts--negative
Fet2: 3 blasts --negative
ivf 3: 3 blasts - negative
Fet 1-3 blasts - negative
Fet 2-3 blasts negative
Fet 3- 3 blasts-negative
Ivf 4 - new clinic, Hannam :positive beta fingers crossed
Saw hearbeat, due January 1, beautiful boy born January 6

#32 mama22

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Posted 13 November 2009 - 01:54 PM

I just wanted to say thank for this amazing thread.

I just completed my very condensed prenatal classes because of H1N1, instead of 4 2 hour classes we only had 2. THe first one about the birth and the second one about after birth. Well that one left me feeling like I know absolutely nothing and am panicked. This has really helped. THank you


#33 heartmummy30

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Posted 24 August 2010 - 07:31 AM

WOW~ I just stumbled across this thread and I am grateful, I am now officially scared haha. I am just wondering if anyone has tried "hynobirthing classes" rather than the typical lamaze offered. What are your thoughts, can you compare that delivery to the one without the training?

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About Us
Clinic : AART
Me: 30
TTC: 5 years
Diagnosis: Male Factor
First IVF June/July 2010
Started injections: July 1st
HCG injections: July 12th
Number of follicles: 24
Number of eggs: 14
Number of eggs fertilized: 12
ER: July 14th
ET: July 19th (5 day transfer, 2 blastocysts)
BETA scheduled for August 4th BFP! HCG level 1716
First U/S August 26th, one healthy heartbeat ticking away :)

#34 doodle bug

doodle bug
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Posted 21 September 2010 - 01:04 PM

this is a great thread!! and it looks as if it's been over a year since we had some new posts from MOMs!! Any new tips/insights? Being pregnant with twins, I'd really love to hear from a few moms who've had their multiples...this site is always so amazing.......

TTC since July 2008
July 2008 ectopic/surgery
Dec 2008 miscarriage
then BFN for 9 months....

2 medicated IUI -both BFN
IVF # 1 (flare protocol)
Cancelled (poor response)

IVF # 1 (2nd attempt)-microdose flare/estrogen priming
Fraternal girls born Dec 2010

Dec-Natural BFP 
M/C at 8.5 wks

Dec-Natural BFP 

NT- all looks good

Baby girl born Aug 2013


#35 BabyVibez

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Posted 08 January 2011 - 12:10 PM

Well arent I glad I stumbled across this thread!
Good timing... I was just thinking about all these 'variables'
Going to have to go get myself some adult diapers me thinks!!!!
Dx: Me PCOS, DH Azoospermia TTC since 2003 1st ATTEMPT: CRC Feb 28/09 - ER & MicroTESE: 31 eggs retreived Next day - 21 eggs were mature & Donor ICSI'd - 17 fertilized!! March 5/09 - ET: 1 grade 4AA blast...7dp5dt AF arrived and brought with her OHSS BETA:BFN 2nd ATTEMPT: ONE Fertility August 15/09 - FET: 1x 4AA Blast BETA:BFN 3rd ATTEMPT: ONE Fertility Sept 18/09 - FET: Assisted Hatching on 1 Morula & 1 8cell compacting. BETA:BFN 4th ATTEMPT: ONE Fertility March 10 2010 - FET 2 blasts BETA:BFN 5th ATTEMPT: ONE Fertility April: 4 Serial Endometrial Biopsys. May 31 FET 2 Blast 4AB & 2CC. Beta: 11dpt = 65, 13dpt = 194, 15dpt = 613, 19dpt = 2512, 21dpt=4377 U/S June 29 - Measuing 6w2d heart rate 126 bpm U/S July 12 - Measuring 8w4d heart rate 172 bpm U/S July 27 - Measuring 9w4d heart rate 176 bpm U/S September 29 - Measuring 20w1d 145bpm WE HAD A BOY! 6th ATTEMPT: ONE Fertility Oct 14 2012 - CD1 CD6 - in-cycle biopsy (to increase lining 'stickiness') CD10 - lining check 14mm Oct 29 - FET 1 2CC blast BFN May 2013 - FET cancelled at CD10 for polyp. Sono after AF revealed polyp gone. 7th ATTEMPT: ONE Fertility Aug 1 2013 - FET AH on 1 morula and 1 7cell grade 4A embryo (lost 2 others in the thaw) 1 Frosty Left!

#36 trying4apositive

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Posted 08 January 2011 - 07:57 PM

BabyVibes- I was just thinking the same thing- Adult diapers here I come!

Me - 37
DH- I'm still looking for one!

TTC since 2008.
Dx: Endo (stage4), PCOS, Left tube blocked since 2008, both blocked 2013.

2008 & 2009- 7 IUIs with Clomid. 4 Chemical Pregnancies.
June 2009- Miscarriage of twins at 10w.
IVF #1- April 2010.- June 18 2010 Chemical Pregnancy.
FET #1- in August 2010 - BFP!
May 11th, 2011- WELCOME TO THE WORLD BENJAMIN DANNY! 10lbs 11.6oz, 22.5"long, head circ 14.
Trying for number 2!
FET #2- in August 2013 - BFN

FET #3- March 12, 2014!

HPT Positive! Beta #1 Mar 27th 118! Beta #2 Mar 31st 505! Beta #3 April 4th 1890!

6 week U/S Apr 9th- worst outcome, measuring a week behind.

7 week U/S April 16- measuring a week behind, no heart no fetal pole

9 week U/S April 29- miscariage pending

April 30- Miscarriage- Lost another angel sad.png

FET #4- Planned for June/July 2014. Only 3 embies left. CANCELLED

FET #4 Round 2~- FET of 2 embies on Oct 6/2015!​

#37 gr8girrl


    Lionchick wants cub.

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Posted 07 February 2011 - 01:46 AM

I would add...

Babies don't need as much stuff as the baby stores would have you believe. My baby swing has sat in the corner collecting dust. The bassinet was essentially a smaller crib I could have done without. Wipe warmers are just ridiculous.

You can bleed for a long time after birth. I did for 8-10 weeks because I wouldn't stop doing stuff. Take it easy so you can stop the endless period.

Bottle washing sucks but formula is NOT poison. If you have to go this route, your baby will thrive so don't stress like crazy if you can't breastfeed. I've seen moms almost lose their minds and end up going to bottle feeding after weeks of appointments and trying to achieve the impossible.

You won't feel like having sex for a long time after birth (likely). Normal and no woman should have to feel absolutely pressured to give it up right away. Men can take care of themselves for a bit.

People will ask you the same questions over and over -- "how does he sleep?" "are you breastfeeding?" don't get offended/annoyed, just have your pat answers ready and move on... ppl are just making small talk.

Don't get mad at your DH if he can't 'connect' to your baby the way you do. He will once he/she shows some personality. Try to gently 'teach' them how to socialize with the baby and don't expect them to be as perfect as you are!

Feeding your baby right after s/he wakes up makes every other activity after (diaper change, bath, play) WAY more enjoyable. Remember EASY... Eat Activity Sleep You (from "The Baby Whisperer) It really works.

No baby is the same. What works for your friend's baby, may not for you. You will get plenty of advice. Say thanks, use what you want and move on.

Babies often have their days/nights mixed up at first. Stay sane. Instead of fretting over being awake in the middle of the night.. rent a TV series you always wanted to watch (mine was Tru Blood) and start enjoying the time you're awake. Eventually baby will fall into a more normal routine.

In your worst moment, know it WILL get better. It never hurts to pray to ask God to help you live through it with hope, love, and patience.
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TTC 8 Years, unexplained + MF, now age 37, DH 35
Tried Clomid with no luck for 6 months

Dec 2009 IVF with ICSI:
CD 16 - Dec 19 - 8 eggs retrieved, 4 fertilized
CD 21 - Dec 24 - 2 5-Day Blasts transferred, Grade 2AA and 3AA, 2 more on ice
Beta 1 - Jan 4th - BFP 375
Beta 2 - Jan 6th - 977
1st U/S - Jan 29th - 1 perfect bean, 156bpm, 7w6d
April 20th - 19w3d U/S - Baby's looking good.
Due Date - Sept 11, 2010
C-Section scheduled for Aug 27, 2010 due to complete placenta previa and
insulin-dependent gestational diabetes. FUN!

7 pm 8/9/10 - early arrival of little Violet Ann, 5 lbs 9 oz

#38 Katerina

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Posted 06 June 2011 - 04:12 PM

I have a couple:

There is a push for natural birth these days, but if you are "stuck" epidural just might provide a jump start for your body. Before labor I heard about it slowing the process, but at the hospital my dr. mentioned that it goes the other way sometimes. I was stuck at 4cm for 8 hours and they were all basically expecting me to be heading directly for a c/s right then but I pushed DS out 3 hours after the epi went in. I had almost every side effect of it and definitely did not enjoy it, but glad I didn't end up with a c/s.

Put hazelwitch pads on top of your pad afterwards.

Bring nail file with you to the hospital. No one took care of your little ones nails in utero and save yourself the nerves trying to use nail clippers or scissors.

Don't get too set on delivering one way or the other. You are setting yourself up for disappointment and ultimately you won't ever care again how that little one came to the world.

If you have the option of rooming in with your baby post birth or sending them to the nurse station - send them away, particularly if you were giving birth at night. It might be the last full night of sleep in a while and you deserve it after you have just gone through. Just make sure you specify to have them brought back regularly for feeding if you are interested in BFing.
Kat - 31, male factor infertility (+ about 15 - 20 very early miscarriages for an unknown reason)

IVF #1 eSET 5 day embryo transferred on 10/28/2008 - Adam born on 7/9/09

FET #1 1 day 6 and 1 day 7 embryo transferred on 2/10/2011 - blighted ovum miscarried on 3/21/2011

FET #2 ET 6/1/11 - chemical m/c

IVF #2 - Aug/Sept 2011 - Fresh IVF - 2 5 day embryos transferred - Dominic, Daniel and Connor were born 4/27 at 35w6d

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#39 why

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Posted 30 August 2011 - 08:44 AM

great thread everyone!
Anymore info for all us new to be moms?
Me~ 29 DH 34

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Due date March 5 2012

#40 frostedlemon

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Posted 23 September 2011 - 11:49 AM

I'll break this into two posts, stuff we learned for labour and stuff for after.

The most important things I learned from my prenatal class that made it worth every penny, but I've heard other classes don't always cover:

(I had a 9 hour labour, no drugs except some nitrous oxide to relax me during contractions (doesn't transfer to baby, which is why I was okay with that) and some local freezing because I needed a vacuum assist, so some of these won't help if you're having a scheduled c-section and won't be in labour)

1) During labour you will make really horrible sounds. That's the way your body deals with it, the same way you make noise when you stub your toe, it doesn't make it feel better, but it gives you an outlet. Warn your birth partner about that and have him understand that while it may sound awful, it's actually not nearly as bad as it sounds. Our prenatal instructor told us about a birth that was videoed and then they asked the dad how the mom was feeling at this particular point when she was making a lot of noise and he said, "oh, she was in agony!" and then they asked her and she said, "oh, it just felt so good to make that noise, I felt okay". Make those sounds - they really help. And your partner knowing that will make them feel better about it too.

2) Move around. I birthed with a midwife so they encourage that, but even if you're with an OB, try to get them to let you move around as much as possible. It helps move the baby into the right position and certain positions feel really good. Also, research pain coping techniques. Even if you get an epidural, chances are you'll have some contractions before you can get it and it helps a lot to have some ways to deal with it. And it's not always the ones you thought you'd go for. I thought for sure I'd want to be in the jacuzzi, and I couldn't stand the thought of curling up or being anything other than standing or laying flat. The shower was great for me, the warm water on my back, or having my husband rub my back and put a hot bean bag on it.

3) Make sure your birth partner knows what you want. You will zone out and not be able to make any decisions, no matter how simple. Have your partner take charge and tell you what to do, and be able to make decisions with your OB/MW for you.

4) If you are wanting a birth with no drugs, but are open to changing your mind once you're actually in labour, have a code word that you can use if you want it, so that your partner knows you're serious. That way you can say whatever you want while you're in labour and he'll know to encourage you to keep going without drugs until you use that word, if that's what you want. Apparently some women yelled for drugs and he gave in because he was so terrified of her being in pain when what she really wanted was for him to remind her of why she wanted no drugs and then there was a fight afterwards.

5) Right when you think you can't go on anymore, that's when it changes and you can push. I had been thinking during each contraction, especially when I wasn't supposed to push yet but I had the incredible urge to do so, that I couldn't do it... but I never vocalized it. When I finally did, I very quickly finished dilating and could push and that was a lot better. Tell your partner about that, so they can encourage you.

6) I cannot stress enough the importance of having a supportive partner. His job was to make sure I kept moving, make sure I was drinking and peeing (dehydration and a full bladder make things more uncomfortable), putting the bean bag on, and just in general encouraging me. During contractions he would remind me to breath slowly (we didn't cover breathing techniques in class, since your body figures out how to breathe on its own) and just having him there was helpful. During pushing, he would count to 10 to make sure I was pushing long enough which helped me go a little bit longer with each one.

7) Not from my prenatal class, but I took the advice of those here and bought adult diapers, which were so great because my water broke (apparently only a small number of women actually experience that) and it gushes constantly plus mine had blood in it (no idea that could happen either!), so it was great not to have to worry about wrecking my clothes and everything around me. You really want all that extra padding in every direction, a maxi pad would never contain all that. I got the kind that do up like a diaper because I wasn't sure what size I was, especially for after birth when your belly is smaller but not quite gone, so I figured an adjustable waist was the way to go... but go for the kind that pull up like underwear. The last thing you need to be doing when you're gushing fluid and blood (both before and after giving birth) is struggling to keep them up while you're trying to get the stickies on properly to fasten them.

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Posted 23 September 2011 - 12:19 PM

Things for after giving birth:

1) I was surprised at how exhausted I was after. I expected to feel tired and maybe even have muscle soreness since I don't generally spend 3 hours pushing with all my muscles with my legs in the air. But I had that type of exhaustion you feel after you've recovered from a really bad cold - I was WEAK. I'd stand for less than five minutes and I'd feel like I ran a marathon and had to sit down. A walk to and from the washroom was enough to leave me shaking. And it lasted for almost two weeks. I'm not sure if everyone has that - I lost a lot of blood (not idea how it compares to what other people lose, but as I said in my previous post, I had it all in my amniotic fluid too, which my MW said was just bloody show, but there was a lot of it, it seemed) so that may have played a part in it. Take the time to recover, don't be tempted to do too much. Make sure you have someone there who can wait on you hand and foot because you will not be able to get up, even if you want to.

2) Breastfeeding is hard! If you're motivated to push through and get the hang of it (I totally understand those who can't or decide it's too stressful or whatever), you'll need a lot of stubbornness and support. I was told that babies naturally know how to do it, but they don't. Yes, they know how to suck, but that's about it. My baby wasn't even interested in eating for the first two days because he was so busy pooping and coughing up mucous that he had no room for anything else. Do what's right for you, but the only reason I'm still breastfeeding is because it was really important to me, I'm incredibly stubborn, and I had lots of people helping me out and assuring me that everything I was struggling with they had also struggled with. It hurts, I felt at first like I was spending more time fighting with him to get him latched on and then having to take him off because the latch was wrong, etc. I think I've shed more tears over that than anything else so far.

3) Night times is the hardest time at first. When I'm tired and by myself (husband didn't hear him crying, didn't hear me calling for help, which is really reassuring!) and the baby is acting hungry but won't latch on and I haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet either, you just feel totally helpless and frustrated and like the worst parent ever. All the reassurance about how well we were doing would fly away at 3am. Which leads me to...

4) Track your baby's feeding and diapers for the first little bit. I got an app for my iPhone called Total Baby (it cost $4.99 and even though I stopped using it after a couple of weeks, it was a lifesaver and worth every penny) that will time stuff for you, help you remember what side you fed on last or how much you fed in a bottle, etc. Everyone's going to be asking you how many diapers and whether they were poopy or just pee, and it all blurs together after a while, so it's great to be able to reference it quickly. I also found that one night I was in tears because the baby was acting hungry but wouldn't eat properly and I was sure he was going to starve.... until I checked my tracker and found that I'd actually already fed him for 20 minutes or something like that... I just forgot about that in my tiredness and frustration. So he wasn't starving, he was just sending me mixed signals, which he still does and I just had to learn that if he's not eating properly, he's not actually hungry. Anyway, tracking will help you remember what you've done and will help reassure you that things are going well (or let you know that things are not, if you're not having enough diapers or something).

5) I didn't have any depression or anything, which I was sure I was going to, but I did have the weepy times where I didn't feel sad but I just couldn't stop crying. I found this was mostly triggered by the overwhelming feelings I have towards my baby and the fear that something was going to happen to him and then my life would essentially be over. Nothing can prepare you for how strongly you feel, or at least in my case that was the one thing I was totally unprepared for.

6) Don't be afraid to ask for help! We have some experience with babies because friends of ours have a bunch so when we went over we'd really help out, but there were still some things we were afraid of, like giving a bath and stuff. I asked a friend to show us how to do it so we'd feel more comfortable and then we were fine. Might seem silly, but the fear that we were going to boil him or drop him or something was paralyzing and we kept avoiding giving him a bath because of it. After getting the help, it's been no big deal. Hint: get a little dishwashing basin and wash him in there, with one hand and arm supporting him and the other doing the washing. Even if you lose your grip, there's nowhere for him to go.

7) I was reading about lochia (postpartum bleeding) and everything I read said that it should turn pink after 3-4 days and blah blah, but mine didn't. As long as you're not passing huge clots (some clots are fine) or soaking a pad in an hour, you're probably fine. Mine didn't turn pink for a few weeks and then it pretty much stopped somewhere between 3-4 weeks. I also found the flow a bit sporadic. It's "supposed" to never get any heavier, but mine did from time to time and sometimes I'd have nothing all day and then I'd have a fair bit again. They say if you start bleeding heavier again, you're doing too much and you should take it easy, but sometimes I hadn't done anything to trigger it.

That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure there's more. Is there anything anyone reading this is wondering about in particular?
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Posted 01 October 2011 - 12:24 PM

Frostedlemon, thank you for taking the time to write all of that! It is really great advice. I am going to get my husband to read it too. Posted Image
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Posted 03 October 2011 - 02:55 PM

I would really like to Thank all of those of you whom have written in and have kept this going over the last year.
This is really great information to have. I have 11 weeks to go and although I think that I know alot of stuff, these are things I would never have thought of.
Starting Prenatal Classes in November and I am sure that with all the information they are going to bombard us with i will be forgetting alot of it. Here it is in black and white and and a really great table of reference!!!
Perhaps in January, I will be able to add my own additions to this great list!!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
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Posted 04 October 2011 - 07:35 PM

AFA - adult diapers - when did you start wearing them, and for how long? I bought a pack of 18 which I'll bring in my hospital bag.
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Posted 04 October 2011 - 09:39 PM

amiee - I started wearing the diapers when my water broke. I would have put them on when I started having regular contractions as well, just in case my water was going to break, and especially on the way to the hospital in the car. The last thing you want is to be worrying about wrecking the seats of your car, though you could also put garbage bags down. I wore the diapers for the next.... two days? not counting the labour, where I was naked the whole time and they have pads and stuff they put under you. Once my bleeding slowed down enough that I wasn't needing all that extra protection, I switched to regular maxipads. I bought a bag of 16 or 18 and I still have some left (not sure how many exactly), and I changed it pretty frequently the first few days because I gushed a lot.

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Posted 07 October 2011 - 10:50 AM

Thanks Frostedmom - that makes a lot of sense and now I'll be prepared - hmmm I gotta start bringing my hosp bag now where ever I go...... just in case..... :)
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Posted 19 November 2011 - 03:16 AM

There is nothing natural about breastfeeding!!!! Natural implies everyone JUST knows what they are doing. When it comes to BF, no one knows. Mom doesn't know. Baby doesn't know (this one shocked me, they have to LEARN to eat). It's a great experience, but it is a committment.

As for the rest of the list, oh how true. It took me much longer to find balance though, I did the PPD thing pretty bad.

My tips:

1) Get some of the super maxi pads, not the skinny Always kind, the big fluffy ones, wet them and freeze them flat, they are just like the ice packs they give you at the hospital. I felt puffy for about a week after, some days more than others, and these Padsicles were wonderful.

2) A birth plan is a waste of paper and only another thing to get stressed out about. The goal for all involved is healthy Mom and healthy baby, you need to be prepared for all contingencies and if you like to plan things, I have bad news for you, babies don't believe in plans, they have their own and they win every time.

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Posted 07 February 2013 - 04:25 PM

In our prenatal class the nurse suggested to dampen a feminine pad and put into the freezer. Great idea! (I had episiomy and a forceps delivery, AFTER, 2 hr pushing without epidural)


I have to agree with Ope...I use the femine pads that were dampened and frozen. Same thing...no epidural and pushed for 1 hour. (No episiomy though). They do work wonders....


Thanks for all the great tips in this thread, soo helpful!!! I just had a question about this thing of freezing pads. Do you mean they are great to use after the delivery, to help with the pain and swelling. Or do you mean to wear the frozen pads beforehand, to prepare for the delivery?? Also, dont the pads start melting when you are wearing them and you get all wet?  Or do you just wear a second pad underneath to keep you dry?? Sorry if these sound like silly questions, but I was just not sure!!!!!!!!!

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Posted 07 February 2013 - 07:33 PM

You'll want them for after the delivery - I don't think tye'd be much comfort beforehand. I mostly used the pads provided by my hospital - they came in a packet. You had to massage the packet to activate them but they were icy cool and such relief. They had witch hazel in them too. When I started to run low, I followed the instructions given by the nurses - it's a bit fuzzy now - but I don't remember having issue with pads "melting". I don't recall using massive amounts of water/witch hazel - just a couple of table spoons which the pads were more than absorbant enough for. I did find that they homemade version didn't stay cold as long as the hospital provided ones though.


Fingers crossed for a simple straightforward delivery and recovery! May babies are SO wonderful! 

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Posted 21 March 2013 - 10:39 AM

Any new updates, tips, or tricks from the recently new moms? This thread has such great advice, I am starting to anticipate delivery (35 weeks) and am dying to know more!

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