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My 6 Little Angels

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#1 Anahera

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  • Dx:Endometriosis
  • My Clinic:Dr Murray Nepean & Katoomba Hospital

Posted 28 April 2009 - 09:37 AM

My 6 Little Angels

Though you never made it far
Each of you left my heart with a scar

I tried my best, to do everything right
To bring you into this world, and hold you tight

We were not meant to be together, so it would seem
But even for a short while, you made my heart beam

You have each given me, the best times of my life
And although you left, I am still a good wife

One day soon, pregnant and fat
I will be a Mother, and a good one at that

I wish things had been different.
I will love you always, Mother Angel xxxx
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Me 39 - DH 40 - TTC since 1994 - Endometriosis removed 3 times with surgery
Natural M/C x 2 m/c without medical assistance Febuary 2008 & July 2007
M/C With Surgery x2 Requiring D&C March 2007 & October 2009
Left Tube Corneal Ectopic x 1 m/c without medical assistance September 2007
Ovarian Ectopic x 1 (Twins) Methotrixate used to terminate Ovarian Ectopic April 2008
Right Tubal Ectopic x 1 Surgically Removed tube & pregnancy at 7 weeks April 2009
Chemical Pregnancies x 2 Jan 2010 & Feb 2010

IVF#1 June 2009 (1st & Only IVF)
June 17th Nurses Interview & Started 10ml Daily Lucrin Injections
June 24th Started 150ml Daily Puregon Injections - June 30th Blood Work Results All Good
July 3rd U/S 12 Follies - July 4th Triggered 11pm - July 6th ER 8 Eggs Collected - July 7th 4 Fertilized
July 8th 2-Day Embryo Transfer 1 - 4-cell Grade-4/5 No Frosties - July 22nd AF arrived - BFN
Natural Pregnancy Cycle March 2010 EDD Dec 2nd 2010
March 23rd: BFP!! March 24th Beta: 87 March 26th Beta: 244 March 29th Beta: 711
April 1st: 5week U/S shows good size gestational sac in the right place!
April 9th: 6wk U/S shows perfect size little miracle with a heart rate of 115bmp
April 13th: 6wk 5day U/S Perfect in every way! Fetal HB 140bpm
April 19th: 7wk 4day U/S after major bleeding and a trip to emergency, shows bubs all ok
April 22nd: 8wk U/S all ok, heart beat 158bpm
April 27th: 8wk 6day U/S HB down to 140bpm, but Doc says all ok!
May 7th: 10wk 2day U/S All great, even got a wave from bubba!
May 13th: 11wk 1day U/S Woohoo! HB 157bpm measurements 4.16cm, this time we got a huge smile from bubs!
May 20th: 3months 1day U/S bubs doing forward rolls, very active indeed!
May 20th: NT Screening 1.37mm all OK. Blood Work: All ok
May 23rd: Midwife appointment: 2.5hrs and very disappointing! May 25th: OB appointment, all ok.
June 22nd: U/S 17wks all good! Baby measuring 16.5cm
July 20th: U/S 20.5wks all good! Bubs blowing bubbles to Mummy & Daddy too cute!

Nov 20th: 12.58am
Kea Alan Rae 6lbs 6oz




Sep 6th 2012 3.04pm
Karter Gregory Te Koha 6lbs 4oz

#2 jgeddes

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Posted 28 April 2009 - 01:36 PM

I'm sorry for your loss.
Beautiful poem.
me: 27 DH: 35
diagnosis: extreme male factor
IVF/ICSI: December 2007 *BFP*
beautiful baby girl born!

Lauren Claire born August 17, 2008! 6 lbs 13 oz!! we love everything about her!!
next step: we're ready to try again!
apointment with RE April 1, 2009 - appointment cancelled :( We were thinking about buying a bigger house, but the plans have changed....reality check tells us that we can't afford IF and a new house...:( so the house can wait!
FET planned for July/09......we're hoping to be blessed again!
June 30 - start syneral
July 13 - suppression check - good!
July 22 - lining check "more than perfect"
July 27 - FET! 1 six cell grade A, 1 8 cell grade B embroy transferred (one frosty remaining)
August 4 - HPT faint positive (x3)
August 5&6 - HPT BFP!!!! yay!!!!

Beta - August 10t = 796!!!!!
August 17th - started spotting and cramping
August 20 - bleeding bright red - beta 18996
August 22 - beta 27696
August 24 - early ultrasound shows one healthy little bean with a heartbeat!! measuring right on track at 6w3d!thank goodness!! fingerscrossed the bleeding stops soon!
September 3 - ultrasound looks good! one healthy bean! EDD April 16, 2010
October 4 - ++ heavy bleeding --> ER - ultrasound shows healthy happy baby, no explanation for bleeding. Off work for 2 weeks.
October 19 - ultrasound booked, if all is well I can go back to work! only back to work for 3 shifts and had another bleed :(
November 3rd - yet another ultrasound to try and figuring out all the bleeding (another big bleed today)...found "answers" but have to wait for appointment on November 5th to discuss results. ** it's a BOY!!! **
diagnosed with "chronic placental abruptions"...praying that our little boy hangs on!!

April 11, 2010 - Liam Reed born! 8lbs2oz, 21 inches long...we are in LOVE!!! thanking our lucky stars that this pregnancy is over and we have a healthy baby boy in our arms!!