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Appt at SOFT

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Posted 25 November 2008 - 05:14 PM

Hello everyone,

I have an appt at SOFT in January for my DH's low sperm motility, can anyone tell me what I might expect there? I am trying to figure what type of treatment we may have to do for this.


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Posted 09 December 2008 - 10:21 AM

Hello. :wavey:
We are patients of the SOFT clinic and have nothing but good things to say. Our RE is Dr.Martin and he is fantastic..You will never feel rushed out of an appointment with him, he will take time to answer all your questions and will give you lots of information on meeting him. WE personally have had a long emotional ride, but are finally pregnant after 8 long years! We owe this all to the SOFT clinic and their wonderful staff.
My husband had low sprem count and Dr Martin put him on a variety of "vits" to help increase his count. He was told to take 2multi-vitamins a day, 2 fish oil pills a day and 2 carnitore pills (this one is a perscription). It did improve the count after being on it for a few months. For us IVF was our best option and ICSI helped increase the fertilization rate, due to the sperm quality.
Wishing you all the best...Have a list of questions for your apt in January I am sure you will get them all answered at your first visit.. :D
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dh: 36 (male factor)
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IUI :8 all unsuccessful
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3rd IVF with ICSI: May 2008 (No fertilization, on 11 embryos)[b] what a disaster!
4th IVF: BFN (5 frosties)
FET: currently monitoring cycle
FET: Thawed 3 embryos, 2 made the thaw
FET: Transferred on Day 3, a 10 cell, and an 8 cell (Oct 04th)
Now in 2 WW
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POAS Oct 17th- BFP
Beta Oct 18th..... POSITIVE...(757)
Repeat Beta Oct 20th...(1467) very happy with our #'s
Early Ultrasound (due to spotting) - everything right on track, heard the heartbeat!!
Ultrasound (suppose to be #1)- Nov 10th - everything right on track, strong heartbeat at 176!!
Ultrasound Nov 21st - very strong heartbeat, all looks great. (we are off to Cuba for some R&R)
Ultrasound Dec 11th- finally at 12weeks!! (going to spread the good news at Christmas) Nice strong heartbeat, baby moving around alot, measuring right on schedule.
Ultrasound Jan 30th - detailed U/ is a boy !!!!....All is looking perfect :)
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Posted 21 January 2009 - 05:22 PM

My experience at SOFT thus far has been a bit mixed. We had our first appt. December 8th of 2008 and I felt that the appointment was a bit rushed and a little overwhelming - I chalked it up to being a bit emotional but overall found that Dr. Martin was nice. He is very knowledgable and is a very patient man - all the great stuff that people are saying about him on most chat sites etc. is true - the guy is a super person - my comments are more geared towards the clinic staff. The lady at the reception is super nice and very efficient - I really like her and wish I got a look at her name tag, I think her name starts with a D but am not sure, but super, super nice. Dr. Martin put us at ease and we both felt very reassured about our future possibility of having a baby. At the first appointment I was told that I would have to do an HSG test and get a blood test to check for any insulin issues given the history of diabetes in my family - the HSG was delayed until this past week because of how close it was to the Christmas holidays......and of course my husband did a sperm count test back in December. So we had our appointment for the HSG at the hospital and that was fine and when we went back for our "debrief" with Dr. Martin at the clinic he went over the results of the HSG, the sperm count etc. and everything was great - unfortunately I have a bit of unique reproductive condition so I am not able to take all the drugs that would produce multiple eggs because a multiple birth is not something that my uterus could handle....that being said I was told the following by Dr. Marting: "so you have to come back here on Wednesday (today) for the LH monitoring blood test and for the ultrasound which will tell us which of your ovaries is ovulating this month and to see what stage you are at" - great.....having family in London (we are from out of town, an hour away) I thought I would just go straight to London after work on Tuesday, stay over and head to the clinic this morning which is what I did. Oh, yes, I was also told that tomorrow and Friday I would have to do monitoring bloodwork to see if there is an LH surge but was told I could do those in Kitchener and not at the clinic - but this ultrasound had to be done there today. So I arrive today and wait a few minutes to go in and right off the bat things started off on a really bad note. The nurse, I won't name her because she cannot defend herself here but sufficed to say she was crustier than my toast that I had this morning and her first question was "so, where is your hubby" to which I responded "where should he be"? She then launched into a sermon about how he needed pre-pregnancy screening bloodwork and it had to be done ASAP (had she said STAT I would have laughed at her) and that it MUST be done here in London at the clinic and not in Kitchener and oh man have they ever been having problems with the labs in Kitchener" - I was sort of stunned because not once was there any mention that my husband had to come with me today, otherwise we would have just come together this morning and I would not have stayed overnight in London. Anyway, then she proceeds to jab at my arm and remarks as to what little tiny veins I have - funny, I ALWAYS get blood taken from my left arm and never my right since I am right handed and am just used to doing it this way.....never has anyone had an issue taking blood from my arm. Then she jabs around at my right arm and I looked away since I really don't like the sound the blood makes or the sight of it coming out of my arm - just a personal thing for me - well she launches into a commentary about it, almost snidely I would say....but again, maybe a bad day for her...THEN I go to the ultrasound where the woman barely said two words to me other than "you ever had a vaginal ultrasound before" - I said yes, and got ready for it - then this woman proceeded to give me what had to be THE most painful vaginal ultrasound ever - and I have had several in the past and never had it been this painful. I actually wanted to cry after she left the room because I thought to myself, if this is how the next several months are going to be I would rather deal with the doctor at the fertility clinic in Kitchener whose personality has been likened to that of a piece of wood, over the way some of the staff are at the SOFT clinic. I am not usually so emotional but I have surprised myself with the depth of emotion I am feeling over my experience so far at SOFT - I guess it has taught me to ask questions and plenty of them - I am just miffed that the whole focus of the conversation on Monday was about me and what I needed to be doing and not once was it mentioned that my husband had to come in - basically I felt chastized by the nurse and felt like I had somehow let them down in a major way when not once was it mentioned that he needed to have blood work done today. Oh, one last thing - each person I saw at the clinic today started off by saying "so, today is day 9 of your cycle" when right off the bat I had said at the front desk that it is day 11, I am here for my ultrasound and LH blood work".....weird and I teeter between the ultimate hope of a baby and todays two cents. Hopefully the weekend staff will be a bit nicer on Saturday. Best of luck and I really would like to hear if anyone else out there has had a mixed experience at this clinic in the past couple of months.


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Posted 11 February 2009 - 10:04 PM

So we have gone through one unsuccessful IUI at S.O.F.T and at this point I feel more comfortable in assessing the clinic as a whole. I find that Dr. Martin does know his stuff and since ours is a relatively "easy" case we have not really run into what some have complained about his unwillingness to take on the more difficult cases. Pat, who actually performed the IUI is wonderful and a very kind soul - she is the highlight of the clinic for sure - she is a nurse there, but I believe her background is quite extensive in the fertility field and I think she even teaches or does research on the subject. Like I said, she is the highlight - she gives you all the info. of what to expect, bring reality into focus and reaffirms your right to feel like crud if the procedure does not take and I cannot say enough about how great she was with us. The receptionists are very nice as well, warm and inviting - I have never had a bad vibe from them at all. I can say that the experience we have had with the week day staff vs. weekend staff is rather extreme. The weekend staff, from what I gather, actually are there because they really want to be - I guess an over time type of situtation or extra work so they are happy to be getting it - the nurse who took the bloodwork was lovely and not crusty unlike the nurse I had the first time I got bloodwork done there and the ultrasound tech. on the weekend was very nice as well - as opposed to the most unpleasant experience I had with the week day ultrasound tech. - overall it has been good and I am sad our first try at IUI did not work but it has empowered me to take charge and push for a double IUI (two days in a row) and to also ask as many questions, in as much detail as I possibly can.