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Posted 11 November 2008 - 10:49 AM

Egg Retrietal - what some eggs do at the mere mention of sperm.

Eggstatic - what a woman on fertility drugs hopes to feel.

Eggspurt advice - what all the fertility books write about ovulation.

Egg poaching - indulging in extended hot tub soaks during ovulation _or_ having frozen eggs stolen from an IVF clinic.

Eggsplotion - hyperstimulation of ovaries induced by overdosing on fertility drugs.

Eggsploitation - what drug companies do to women who need fertility drugs to ovulate or to produce enough eggs for IVF.

Eggsplanation - instructions on the label of a fertility drug bottle.

Eggswhiteation - the incredible excitement one feels when finding egg-white mucus when not even looking for it!

Eggspedition - the route an egg takes once it leaves the ovary.

Eggspectation - the period of waiting prior to oviulation.

Eggsaspirated - 1) eggs that have been aspirated 2) the annoyed or irritated state of women on fertility drugs or men having to have supplied a sperm specimen as they await results, an appointment, or an RE's phone call 3) the way an infertile feels when forced to listen to another's insesitive comments.

Eggsplosive - what a woman on fertility drugs is like.

Eggscavation - the process of removing follicles from the ovaries.

Eggsploited - what those undergoing any reproductive treatments are by the insurane companies and clinics.

Eggcessive - another word for hyperstimulation.

Eggsamination - the process of looking at follicular development via vaginal ultra-sound.

Eggsuberant - the joyous way one feels upon finding out that one ovulated!

Eggo - the correct path which the ova follows through the female reproductive tract, as in "Eggo through the fallopian tube into the uterus".

Eggstra Sensory Perception - the *certain knowledge* that THIS time, seuxal intercourse *will* result in pregnancy.

Eggstravaganza - the three ring circus which ensues when your doctor, his/her residents, interns, and medical students (not to mention several nurses and all the operating room personnel) are working on harvesting your egg(s) for in vitro fertilization.

Truly Eggscellent - high degree of egg quality, as in "A truly eggscellent egg is easily fertilized and results in a pregnancy!

Eggspress - the route an egg takes through the fallopian tubes - NON-STOP!

Eggscuse Me! - what a polite egg says after bumping into a swarm of sperm.

Eggsonerated - what an egg is after being told "You're not good enough to be fertilized," "You'll never implant," or "You'll never go to term." and then does all three thank you very much!
age: i'm 30 husband is 33
married: for 6 years togther for 13
ttc:5 years
clinic :mcgill reproductive center in montreal
told i have severe PCOS
husband is great
JUNE 07 clomid 50mg did not respond to meds
JULY 07 clomid 100mg did not respond to meds
AUG 07 doing IVM for a study
SEPT 1, 07. 33 eggs collected, 27 matured and frozen
SEPT 12, 07. 3 were put in. a 4cell and two 3cell
SEPT 14, 07 BFN from IVM
DEC 7, 2007 D&C went well
MARCH 10, 08 IVM, E/R 12 mature eggs 30 inmature eggs total 42 eggs
MARCH 13, 08 E/T tranfered 3, Two 8 cell, and One 7 cell embryo's.
MARCH 26, 08 beta .08 BFN
SEPT 9 FET PUT IN 4, a 8cell,a 7cell, two 6cell
SEPT 23 beta 8.3 BFN
have 3 frozen
total of 75 eggs collected in 2 E/R
total of 10 embryos put in in 3 E/T.

moving to IVF
giving to science
3 embryo's
and 23 oocytes

starting fresh with IVF!

April 9, 2011 took a HPT and got a BFP!!!
April 13, 2011 found out that i'm 8 weeks and 2 days pg!
natural pregnancy
It's a Boy!!!!!

I am too postive
to be doubtful
too optimistic
to be fearful
and to determined
to be

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