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Our first cycle results

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Posted 03 November 2021 - 02:21 PM



My partner and I just did our first cycle of IVF.

Female: 35 year old female, right sided hydrosalpinx which was surgically fixed.

Male: 37 years old, male factor infertility, 10% motility and approx 10 million sperm/mL


First Cycle:

Gonal-f, Leuveris, and Leuprolide trigger as my partner is a hyper-responder.



19 eggs retrieved, 9 mature eggs, 6 fertilized by ICSI, 3 blasts frozen. 



We would like to pursue another egg retrieval prior to embryo transfer as we feel it is better to create embryos while the female is younger. We noticed a large dropoff from number of eggs to mature eggs. Is there anything that can be done to improve that? 


Thank you for all your expertise.


Thank you.

35 year old female, 37 year old male

Male factor infertility, hydrosalpinx surgically corrected

IVF cycle 1: 19 eggs, 9 mature, 6 fertilized ICSI, 3 blasts freeze-all