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Pregnancy After Miscarriage

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#1 one_day_hopeful_mum

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Posted 22 September 2021 - 03:32 AM

Hi Everyone, Im newly pregnant (5W1D) after 2.5 years of fertility treatments. My last pregnancy from a FET 2 years ago ended in a missed miscarriage at my 6.5 week viability scan. My first pregnancy from my first IVF cycle 4 years ago was normal. Im having a hard time managing my anxiety with this pregnancy after the last loss and how many cycles we had to do to get here. Im starting this thread to see if there is anyone out there in a similar situation to share coping strategies.
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#2 Cotton3

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Posted 22 September 2021 - 10:52 AM

It's hard to go through IVF and complications without collecting emotional bruises. Covid makes everything that much worse.


Have you checked if your clinic has a virtual support group?

#3 Jewels4me

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Posted 22 September 2021 - 08:39 PM

One day hopeful mum, sorry about your loss. There a many women who have miscarriages and it is devastating. I'm one of those women - I had a miscarriage last year - officially the pregnancy was 5 1/2 weeks. It was brutal - It was Canadian Thanksgiving 12 October, the doctors were not there... no one was picking my calls that day as it was a public holiday. I have written my story in another post.


But I am trying again and yes I worry - when October 12 comes round next month I know I will need all the emotional strength I can harness. Everyone is different but many women try again and celebrate the new baby they are carrying. So one coping strategy is to celebrate and focus your energies on the pregnancy you are currently carrying.


When was your transfer? Mine was on September 13th and I currently posting in the August FET/IVF thread with Cotton3.


#4 hopefuldadsomeday

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Posted 27 September 2021 - 02:47 PM

Congratulations on your new pregnancy and I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriages.  My wife had 3 miscarriages in a row and was in a very dark place for awhile.  We ended up seeing a counsellor which really helped.  During my wife's successful pregnancy, she was constantly worried up until delivery date, but our midwife was very supportive and reassured during every checkup.  Good luck!

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March 2016 - Miscarriage #1 (chemical pregnancy)

August 2016 -  Miscarriage #2 (Trisomy-16)

December 2016 - Miscarriage #3 (unknown - suspected chromosomal abnormality)

IVF #1 - Aug 2017 (estrogen priming antagonist protocol) - 9 eggs retrieved, 3 fertilized, 2 blastocysts, only 1 PGS normal embryo 5BB mitoscore 25.1 (frozen)

IVF #2 - Nov 2017 (estrogen priming antagonist protocol - with testosterone priming and growth hormone) - 7 eggs retrieved, 5 fertilized with ICSI, 1 blastocyst PGS-normal 5BB mitoscore 33.12 (frozen)

IVF #3 - Jan 2018 (estrogen priming antagonist protocol with growth hormone) -  4 eggs retrieved, 2 fertilized with ICSI, 1 blastocyst PGS-normal 6BB mitoscore 29.82 (frozen)

FET #1 - March 2018 - cancelled due to thin lining (6.25mm)

FET #1.2 - April 2018 - cancelled due to thin lining again! (4.85mm)

FET #1.3 - June 4, 2018 (lining 7.5mm!) - th_abfn.gif

ERA Aug 2018 - Pre-receptive by 1 day

FET #2 - Sep 18, 2018 (lining 6.9mm) th_abfp.gif  Beta #1: Sep 30, 2018 - 682  Beta #2: Oct 6,2018 - 6656 U/S: Oct 15 - measuring 6w4d (CRL 6.87mm), HR 127bpm! U/S: Oct 25 - measuring 8w1d (CRL 16.69mm), HR 168bpm!  Discharged to midwives!  June 7, 2019: It's a girl!  DD born 7lb 2oz babygirl.gif

FET #3 - Oct 4, 2021 (lining 8.8mm!)  th_abfp.gif  Beta #1: Oct 14, 2021: 415, Beta #2: Oct 21, 2021: 4778 U/S: Nov 1, 2021 - measuring 6w4d, CRL 6.6mm, HR 133bm! U/S: Nov 15, 2021 - measuring 8w6d (CRL: 22.3mm), HR 182bpm!  Discharged to midwives!

#5 happyfrog

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Posted 06 October 2021 - 05:31 PM

I am sorry to read your story and congrats on your wife' s pregancy

#6 Progenesis IVF

Progenesis IVF
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Posted 30 November 2021 - 07:04 AM

First and foremost, I'm sad to hear it. IVF is termed to have failed repeatedly when there is failure to achieve clinical pregnancy even after transfer of at least four good quality embryos in a minimum of three fresh or frozen cycles in women under 40 years of age. While most of the ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) clinics report an implantation rate of 40-60%, the exact incidence in lacking due to the difference in. definition of implantation.

Repeated IVF failure can be attributed to quite a few reasons. These can be embryo related, parental chromosomal abnormalities which leads to abnormal embryo formation or oocyte aneuploidies dur to advanced maternal age.

It is imperative to determine the reason behind the repeated failure of IVF before taking a look at the treatment options. For diagnosing the cause of repeated IVF failure uterine evaluation through Hysteroscopy comes handy.

Endometrial Receptive Array (ERA) is used to evaluate the receptivity of the uterus. This helps in determining the time when the uterus is completely ready to receive the embryo and the procedure can be scheduled accordingly. When high sperm DFI causes repeated IVF failure, advanced technology like MACS during ICSI can be chosen for selection of sperm with low DFI.

The couple must maintain a healthy lifestyle along with proper diet, regular meditation, yoga, exercise and refrain from smoking, alcohol and habit-forming drugs during the course of treatment. Patients must also be mindful of approaching a proper IVF consultant and IVF center to avoid the stress of failure. Better results can be achieved by following the proper guidelines and instructions by the consultant.

If you’ve already undergone failed cycles at other programs or have general doubts, questions, or concerns regarding your current fertility care, considering a second opinion stands crucial.

At Progenesis Fertility Center, we strive to give you a better understanding of your treatment options and bring the difference in your future cycles.

If you have previously seen a doctor at another fertility centre but feel unsure of the advice or care you’ve received, our unique Second Opinion Program will provide you with the opportunity to receive comprehensive advice from our award-winning team.