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Current situation @ heartland?

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Posted 15 August 2021 - 12:04 PM


I'm new to the world of ivf. I was a patient at heartland in 2014 but wound up miraculously pregnant immediately following my hsg so I never went any further than the first appointment.

Fast forward 7 years and I'm back but it looks like I'm going to have to go the long haul because my HSG said both of my tubes are blocked.

I have not has a follow up with my heartland doctor yet (it will be in about a week and a half).

Wondering a few things:

Will they want me to go straight to ivf or will they try to fix the tube(s)?

How long is the process to get to an ivf cycle? I expect to be done all of the baseline testing by the end of the month except for the swimup test. All I have left on my end is doing the endocrinology and the amh but I need to wait for cd2-4 to come round again.

Is there anyway my tubes aren't actually blocked? My experience with my hsg this time were so vastly different than in 2014. In 2014 it took a while for the doctor to get the tubes to spill and it hurt like crazy and she had me roll from side to side and eventually everything spilled. This go around I feel like they didn't "try hard enough". My test didn't hurt at all and they just left me flat on my back the while time. Not to mention at the bedside they told me I had a unicornate uterus which is impossible because I had a normal hsg in 2014.

So I went and had a 3D pelvic ultrasound just to prove that it's not a unicornate, which it's not, as expected.

I feel like I want the hsg again but I want them to use the best practice techniques I've read about online (reputable sources, peer reviewed journals and what not) where they use a balloon to complete block the cervix so the dye goes forward, and that they put some traction on the cervix to straighten out the uterus because it was clearly in a shit position at the time of the last hsg or they wouldn't have misdiagnosed a unicornate.

I have some background in the field, I don't want to come off as a super demanding patient and piss them off but I really feel strongly that these results aren't accurate. I really don't want to go ivf if all I needed was a stronger push of dye. I also domt want to go to laproscopy again if it was just a suboptimal hsg. It'll just waste so much time.

Last time I'm sure that utterly painful hsg was exactly what I needed because I went on to get pregnant straight away!

Back to the topic of ivf, anyone know how I can go through the process of getting coverage with pshcp if I truly do have bilaterally blocked tubes?

I know, so many questions but I really appreciate the answers.

If it is relevant I'm 35 hand have had two successful pregnancies. No1 was the one conceived after hsg on a letrozole cycle *but I ovulate on my own regularly). No2 was spontaneous on the second try