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#1 janaya825

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Posted 05 August 2021 - 02:13 PM

Hey ladies!
Its been awhile since Ive been on here. I contacted the clinic today and got an out of office reply from Tina saying that Dr.V is retiring as of October 31st 2021!
I was shocked! I also didnt even know they have an IG account!
The other Drs will stay on.. the only one I know is Dr.Garcia. Shes very good too. Ive had her for retrieval. Im just in shock! We have 1 embryo left and we were thinking of cycling soon. Hopefully Dr.V will be able to do the transfer.

Me-42 DH-46TTC-4+ years-Initially tried on our own and got pregnant but was an ectopic :(Jan 2010-HSG done and showed both tubes open.Feb 2010-Found a clinic called MCF (not Markham) that only did IUIs. Did 3 cycles with clomid and timed intercourse and 1 cycle with IUI. All BFN. Decided that we should go to a Mount Sinai based on a friend's recommendation.Nov 2010-got in to see Dr at MS. Advised to try IUI with injectables.HSG with the dye came back 'inconclusive' but went a head based on previous test IUI in Feb 2011-BFN /IUI in May 2011-BFN. Decided I didnt like the vibe at MS and felt I was lost in the shuffle over there.Researched on this forum and others and decided to get a referral to Dr. Virro in Markham April 2011 referral sent to Dr. Virro Nov 2011Finally got in to see Dr. V Dec 2011-f/up on bw and u/sJan 5th 2012-start BCP CD1 Jan 31-2012 U/S on Feb 1-showed a cyst on my right ovary so no meds to start title=":(" alt="sad.png"> Feb 2-2012- Dr.V drained my cyst and able to start meds 150 pur/150 menp Feb 7-started Orgalutron Cycle almost cancelled due to not responding well to meds Feb 10-stims started working yay! Feb 19- ER-8 eggs retrieved! Feb 20-got call from lab for report on embies -1 fractured,2 fertilized incorrectly,1 didn't fert at all--other 4 we will have to see. FXd for them to be good quality Feb 21-got embie report 2 have matured and divided as they should. ET scheduled for Feb 23! Feb 23- out of the 4 we have decided to transfer 1 and have 2 more on ice. 1 didn't develop any further Feb 29-started to have crampsMarch 2- AF started href='src='>src="https://ivf.ca/forums//public/style_emoticons/default/sad.png" title=":(" alt="sad.png">href='src='>src="https://ivf.ca/forums//public/style_emoticons/default/sad.png" title=":(" alt="sad.png">March 8-Follow up with Dr.V FET planned for May 2012 April 30-called in my day 1 May 7- went in for b/wET-May 14 2012May 25-BFN Waiting for WTH appt in early JuneJune 11-f/up with Dr. V and have decided to explore immune testingJuly 13- completed all b/w for ABC Aug 17- phone consult with ABC to discuss immune testing results Sept 6- Follow up with D.V to discuss treatment for high NK cells and low LADs. LIT and IVIG recommended Sept 13- first LIT Oct 4- 2nd LIT Oct 29- re-test of LADs and NKsNov 1- ABC cleared me to cycleNov 9- F/up with Dr. V- Going to do a natural frozen transfer.Nov 22-day 1/started calcium and lovenox Dec 1- blood work countinued until Dec 5 Dec 4-u/s for lining check Dec 9 -transfer scheduled Dec 21- Beta- positive but low Dec 24-2nd beta-rising (more than doubled) Dec 28- beta rising (# increasing well) Jan 4 2013-beta still rising but not as high as it should be Jan 9-u/s to check viability/rule out ectopic Jan 9-had u/s but couldn't see anything in tubes or uterus. Beta still rising steady. Dr thinks it is too earlyJan 10- had pain and bleeding. Decided to go to the hospital. Got checked out and it is an ectopic in right tube. Jan 11-24-Treated with Methotrexate 2x.Jan 25- emerg surgery to remove baby from tube. Ended up losing right tube href='src='>src="https://ivf.ca/forums//public/style_emoticons/default/sad.png" title=":(" alt="sad.png"> Giving myself time physically/emotionally healing. In May and June did my immune treatmentsJuly 2013- Fresh IVF cycle-a total of 8 eggs and transferred 1 great blast and 3 frozen. Ended in BFN after 6 days! We are crushed!Sept 2013- FET- transferred 2 great blasts and resulted in BFP!! Beta was 1262!Ended in missed miscarriage on Nov 19,2013- CRUSHED!!!D & C on Nov 20-going to take time to heal.Feb 2014 met with Dr. V and he advised we should do PGS testing with a fresh cycle and include the 1 last frozen we have to be tested.Went ahead with fresh cycle in July and had 5 blasts in total sent off to have PGS testingOut of 5 only 2 were 'normal' and that included the one from the previous cycle that was frozen.Did immune re-testing and only need IVIGSept 3- FET of 1 3BBO blastSept 15-BFP!!! Beta 390!!!Oct 6-first U/S-everything looks goodNov 19- 12 week U/S everything looks good Jan 6 2015 20 wks everything looks good. DD born early and healthy May 2015. We are in love!!!
Aug 2021- getting myself physically and mentally ready for a frozen cycle.

#2 Cotton3

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Posted 06 August 2021 - 11:04 AM

I'm sorry your favourite doctor is retiring. Hope to see you on the August thread!

#3 gtgirlwant2bamom

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Posted 05 October 2021 - 09:39 PM

Can't believe it. Do you have a choice to transfer to a doctor of your choice? This is so heart broken i dont know what to do i have 2 femb babies waiting