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TSH and successful IVF


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#1 ivfi1979

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Posted 31 July 2021 - 02:12 PM

before my last cycle i was sent to get some labs, including tsh, and the level was 2.85. This was up from 2.1 before our first cycle (which resulted in a beautiful boy).

We didn't think much of it as we didn't receive any feedback or guidance from our physician and proceeded with two embryo transfers which were of the highest quality under the microscope (we were told the combined success rate for one embryo from that would be 85%). Unfortunately this was not successful.

A few months passed, we decided to try again, and our IVF clinic sent us to do some labs, but also kind of "scorned" us for not doing our TSH last time, saying they didn't have it (although we did). We sent them a copy of the blood test.

Last week, the TSH level came back 3.75, and I was started on levothyroxine before the next cycle.

we also read that the guidance for ivf is to keep tsh levels under 2.5.


We are wondering how reasonable it was to let us go ahead with the ivf with a tsh level of 2.85 (which was done a month before the embryo transfers, in other words my tsh level during the time of transfer was most probably around 3).


Thank you

#2 Cotton3

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Posted 31 July 2021 - 04:08 PM

Some REs think TSH matters alot, others not so much. I was told by a family doctor fixing TSH is sometimes enough to fix infertility. I think it is a clinical judgment and experience thing. Weird that they would test for it and not do anything about an abnormal value, unless they don't consider it abnormal?

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