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ERA biopsy timeline

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#1 pebbles158

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Posted 10 March 2021 - 11:41 AM

Can anyone share what cycle day their ERA biopsy was done?
My clinic has scheduled it on day 30 and by that time i would have most likely started my period.
Does anyone have experience doing biopsy so late?
Does it matter when the biopsy is done?


#2 Carter81

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Posted 10 March 2021 - 01:11 PM

Sounds similar to when mine will be (they normally follow a FET cycle from what I have been told). I do medicated cycles so I normally start estrace around Day 2-3 of my cycle and have to take that for 18 days. Then I would take progesterone for 5 days before the biopsy which would be around CD 26-27. There have been cycles that my lining hasn't been ready after the 18 days of estrace so they made me come back about a week later. Your period will be held off by the meds if you are doing a medicated cycle. 

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#3 Misskika007

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Posted 10 March 2021 - 01:14 PM

Hey Pebbles,


Are you doing a medicated mock cycle for your ERA? If so, it will depend on a) how long you are on estrogen and cool.png when you are triggered to ovulate. This can vary! In my case, I was doing a supplemented natural cycle so they monitored me until it looked like I would ovulate, then I triggered with Ovidrel, went in 24 hours after that to confirm ovulation, then went on progesterone suppositories and ERA 5 days following ovulation. I'm not sure what exact cycle day that was but something around 22-23. Ask your clinic why they have scheduled you so late, maybe there is a reason!

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#4 pebbles158

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Posted 11 March 2021 - 10:57 AM

Thanks for the info. it really helps to know someone is out there who can relate and explain what I am going through.  


I am on medicated cycle and I spoke to the nurse and she told me that I will not get my period until i am on estrogen and progeterone. 


it is my first time and no matter how much research and reading i do, so many things I have no idea about. Often, clinics dont explain everything and until you ask, they dont tell you. sad.png


I will be doing ERA this cycle and the clinic told me that in addition to sending biopsy sample to Igenomics, my biopsy sample will also be sent to a local lab here to assess for chronic endometritis and hyperplasia. 


Does anyone have any experience with this? What kind of meds were you on and for how long if any of the above reults came back abnormal? did they do a repeat biopsy. how many weeks/months were you delayed for FET?


Thanks so much!

#5 Viv11

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Posted 21 March 2021 - 04:01 AM

Hi there. Ive been on oestrogen for 13 days and progesterone injections for 5 and gel for 5 days. I get my biopsy done tomorrow for ERA, ALICE and EMMA. I had a failed FET back in Jan with a PGT 4AA and have one frozen embryo (same) left. They said results take 2-3 weeks but I think they come back sooner. I am booked in to start prep for FET straight away so as soon as I stop meds today I will likely bleed in 4-5 days time and I begin the meds on day 2 again. If anything comes back from tests this may halt this of course as I may need to take probiotics etc but we see. Thats my story. Not v helpful on the tests as Im only doing them! Wishing you loads of luck x