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Success with twins with 2embryo fet?

Twins fet

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#1 pebbles158

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Posted 24 February 2021 - 11:34 PM

I am 40 will be doing my first fet in late march. I am interested to know any experiences with 2 embryo fet that resulted in twins. Did you ask for it? Did your RE suggest ut. What were the complications? How was the health of the babies when in womb and when delivered?
Would you mind sharing your medicated protocol?
Sorry for so many questions, i just want to know the risks and want to determine if i am a candidate for 2 embryos transfer.
Clearly, i would love to have twins as i am already older.


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Posted 25 February 2021 - 10:11 AM


I didn't have success with twin embryo transfers. My doctor suggested transferring two each time because of my age (38) so I don't have to do many transfers and keep prolonging the process and also based on the quality of embryos. The first time round I had two 5 day blasts- one was great one was good. We think only one implanted but became a chemical. The second time round (6 day blasts), I had the same quality- one great and one good and none implanted. The third time round (5 day blasts), both were great quality but only one implanted and that's the one I'm carrying now. I really wanted twins but alas!

To answer your question- think its dependent on the quality of embryos, whether you are willing to carry multiples and how many transfers you are willing to go through. 

TTC for two years. DH had vasectomy reversal after close to 15 years. Sperm had antibodies especially on tail making it difficult for them to reach egg. RE suggested ART. 


2/2020: First consultation with RE. Decision made to do IVF  (Age=37)

3/2020: U/S to check state of uterus revealed presence of fibroids, one in particular protruding toward the uterine cavity. Made decision to undergo surgery to remove fibroids 

3/2020: Surgery to remove fibroids 

3-4/2020: Recovery from surgery and COVID hit leading to cancellation of all non-essential procedures 

5/2020: Started IVF #1. 

6/2020: Retrieved 11 eggs; 9 fertilized; 4 made it to blast (2 day 5s and 2 day 6s). Protocol involved BCP before starting stims

6/2020: Fresh transfer of two blasts (3AA and 3BB); positive HPT at 5dp5dt; beta hcg at 9dp5dt=71 th_abfp.gif ; second beta at 14dp5dt=1 th_abfn.gif (Chemical)cry.gif


Plan to transfer the other two blasts in 8/2020

8/2020: FET cancelled IVF lab had ventilation problems leading to shut down 


8/2020: IUI=th_abfn.gif


10/2020: FET #1 unmedicated; transfered 2 day 6 blasts=th_abfn.gif  


11/2020 IVF #2: Retrieved 7 eggs; all fertilized but only 4 made it to 5 day blasts. Protocol didn't have BCP before stimming

12/2020: Fresh transfer of the two blasts; positive HPT starting at 5dp5dt; 1st beta at 13dp5d=1549 th_abfp.gif ; 2nd beta at 20dp5dt=21,000; beta at 26dp5dt=51,000. Excited thinking its twins sad.png

Ultra sound at 7 weeks= one little bean yahoo.gif (Age=38)