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Anyone stim twice a day?

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Posted 24 February 2021 - 07:17 PM

I am about to start my second retrieval. I recieved my protocol this week and was wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar protocol and it so what were the results?.
A bit of background ... I am 41, AMH 5.2 +male factor. My husband had surgery to correct verococile in July. First round was a priming cycle in September (androgel and estrace) Retrieval in October, gonalF 300, menopur 150, clomiphene. Cetrocide was first 2 days and then last 6 or so days. Triggered day 17 and retrieval day 19. Follicles were slow to develop but ended with 8, 6 eggs retrieved, all mature. 3 fertilized with ICSI, 1 day 5 blast, 4AA. FET in January, resulted in a chemical pregnancy.
Second protocol will be priming (same as previous) then gonalf 225 and menopur 75, twice a day ( once in am and once in pm).Clomiphene and Orgalutran instead of cetrocide.
My question is, has anyone stimmed twice a day? Was it successful? If you had multiple rounds of IVF how did they differ? I know everyone responds differently and each case is unique just looking for other success stories. Although trying to keep positive thoughts I can't help but question if we will see better results this time around. Last time was a funded cycle (Ontario) and we still paid approx 10k in medication. This round we are looking at close to 30k if we do PGS testing. Thank you!!!!