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Thin Endometrial lining

Endometrial thickness Uterine lining

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Posted 10 February 2021 - 12:38 PM


I am currently nearing the end of stimulation cycle for egg retrieval and planned FET after genetic screening for my known mutation. Today my REI mentioned my uterine lining is not as thick as it should be (only 3-3.5mm). Has anyone had this issue before? I know that prior to transfer this are different medication protocols than what I am on now but he seemed concerned that it should have progressed more. Is there anything I can do to help it grow?

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Posted 14 February 2021 - 02:00 PM

There is no RE currently on the site. Having struggled with thin lining myself, I do know quite a bit about this topic. Because during a stimulation cycle your body is producing its own estrogen (which is the hormone that grows a lining), there should be no issue with estrogen absorption from an external source. I assume what your doctor meant was that with your own estrogen the lining should be thicker. Generally RE's like anything above 8 mm, though above 7 mm also has good success rates. The good news is that with an FET they'll be able to tinker with your protocol to see what works. However if you are a poor responder to estrogen, you may be a tricky patient like me. Thus far there is very little that doctors can do for patients with poor lining as it is not well understood. They may do some investigative work as sometimes scarring of the uterine tissue, fluid in the tubes or fibroids may cause a poor response. There are some interventions they can try for those, but of course that delays the timing of your FET. If none of those can be resolved, depending on your RE they may try other things, but even things that may grow your lining further (like vaginal viagara) have not shown to increase the chance of a pregnancy.


I am sorry that this is not great news, but I think it is better to be prepared for what may come. If you take a look at my history in my profile, you will see that I do have a take home baby. We have one last embryo to transfer and so far I am two cycles in that were both cancelled due to poor lining response. Reach out to me if you would like.

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