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IVF Related Procedure Abroad Question

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#1 melissa87

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Posted 10 January 2021 - 07:51 AM

Anyone who has done ivf or a related procedure abroad I am looking for advice.....


The short version of my story is that I have a c-section defect with fluid in my uterus. This was discovered when I tried to do a FET last July. I have been on a surgery wait list in Toronto since then. When I first got my period back I noticed some cramping that would impact my sleep about 10 days out of my period, but I managed with tylonal and advil. At first I was told my surgery would be December 2020 or Jan 2021.  I was okay with this...


In Oct my name came up on the funded list for Ivf so I did that and froze everything. I wanted to add to my collection of frozen embroyos because I am not getting younger and we want/hope for multiple children. I know there's no gaurentees but still....anyways my pain was getting worse so I called and they told me my surgery would be more like March....


This month I was in so much pain I passed out at work.  I want to the hospital and demanded an ultrasound and found out the defect is like 4 times bigger and therefore harder to fix.  I am now on pain killers which greatly affect my life and job.  I called the surgeon and now they are saying July or August 2021. Even though its getting worse and I was in the ER and passed out. 


I mean I get it, we are in a pandemic and I am not a priority but I am so so so frusterated.  I called private hospitals in Canada and of course they don't do the surgery.  I looked into costs in the US and they are insane. We all know it sucks to have set backs and to have to wait for the children we deserve to have, but this is bigger then that....


I decided to look into going abroad.  Specifically I reached out to Spanish Fertility centers (because of their reputation) and asked what they do for their patients who have this problem. I have gotten some responses that have given me leads to sugeons that work with fertility patients. I have some meetings set up with them....


I am super scared to go abroad but I don't know what else to do...if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it? 


Also if I go abroad is it hard to get Canadian doctors on bored? I know my RE (whose at a Toronto Feritlity Center) would have to do my follow up as all my embroyos are here.  


Note: I will repost this in IVF Abroad too.

#2 JoHealth7788

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Posted 12 January 2021 - 11:10 PM

Don't be, for sure they will be as professional as they come.

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