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Introducing myself

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#1 avcorke

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Posted 21 December 2020 - 11:24 AM

Hi all,


I am 35/f set to start our first IVF cycle at Markham Fertility Clinic with Dr Virro in January. We have been trying for two years after conceiving our first son in 2017. Very, very nervous and excited to start down this path. I am struggling though mentally dealing with all this during COVID. Would love to hear any tips from you all about how to stay sane and keep from freaking out over all of this. It feels very overwhelming! 

#2 Thehappyvet

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Posted 10 January 2021 - 01:03 PM

Hi Avcorke!


Covid has been super challenging on all of us, it is simply dreadful.
It has been an immense stress factor for me as well, but also somehow the reason why I decided to speed up my decision about IVF.

As I had more time and not spending crazy hours in the office I realised how much I wanted a family and didn't want to postpone it any longer.

So I am considering of going abroad for IVF (I live in the UK) because

a) NHS has very long waiting lines and

B) I wanted to feel even for a tiny bit like going on holidays again! giggle.gif


So planning my trip and seeing all these beautiful beaches in Greece or Cyprus (have not decided yet where exactly) has really made me dream again of going there even for a medical procedure.

As for the general mental health impact I have found that running is super super helpful, even if you do really slow and for only 30 minutes, but it has to be every day.


Keep strong, it's a hard, sh***y time but it will pass soon!

#3 skylarg

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Posted 12 January 2021 - 07:05 AM

Hi there! Welcome to the forum and I hope soon enough you'll get to meet your new baby!


Personally, these forums have helped and there is a sense of comfort knowing that other people are experiencing similar emotions and struggles. 


Also, I journal a lot. When I write down my fears and thoughts, it's as if I take a step back from them and can see them as an outsider. 


Last but not least, I have great support from the clinic too. I think I've found the clinic I want to continue with (after COVID) and they have reassured me that everything is going to be fine.. and that they are more than prepared and capable of handling any change that might come there way. So that calms me down a lot as well. happy.png

#4 happyfrog

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Posted 18 January 2021 - 11:59 AM

skylarg - it's awesone you are happy with your clinic. Good luck on your journey

#5 skylarg

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Posted 18 January 2021 - 12:09 PM

@happyfrog- thank you so much! So far so good yes. I'll be keeping you all posted about how it goes!