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Donor Embryos - where to start

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#1 HeatherDR

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Posted 24 November 2020 - 06:02 PM

I have hummed and hawed too long, should have done something 9 years ago when I started wanting another baby and now I am 45, not menstruating, and feeling desperate a bit. I am single woman and looking at embryo donation or egg/sperm donation. I am willing to travel (hopefully next year when this covid mess is a bit better with perhaps a vaccine out?). I have been looking at options and wondered if anyone had advice on where to go. I am hoping not to spend a fortune, and so don't think doing this here is the best financially. Though it certainly is more convenient to do everything here in Ottawa. 


I am looking at CNY, they have a less expensive program and in house financing, Syracuse is not too far (should the border reopen) and it looks like they have an office in Montreal which could perhaps be helpful for prescriptions and monitoring.


I am also considering Greece or Russia, or maybe Cyprus? They all seem to be about the same cost 6000Eur give or take. Plus travel. I am not sure how it works for monitoring or prescriptions though, I assume I'd need a doctor here willing to work with them on that, I don't think OFC does that sort of thing but I haven't asked. 


I am working on losing some weight, and saving up more money. I hope to be able to move forward in spring (by May?). I will be 46 and of course, clock is ticking. Why didn't I do this when I was younger? :(  I have a son who is almost 11. 


Any recommendations would be appreciated. I have read over the forums and tried to follow things in some of the Donor Buddy threads but a lot of the information is a bit older. Obviously covid plays a role this year. Thank you. 

#2 Alpha80

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Posted 26 November 2020 - 06:44 PM

Embryo donation is an altruistic gift which means you cannot be paid but the recipient should meet all expenses incurred in making the donation.

#3 happyfrog

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Posted 29 December 2020 - 09:41 AM

I would also recommend considering mesotherapy to ovaries (RPR) to improve your chances. x

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