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October 2020 FET

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Posted 07 November 2020 - 11:22 AM

@Caroline2019 - glad to hear the baby is fine and healthy so far - fingers crossed for you it will all work out and the haemorrhage will sort itself out naturally.
Just curious: in which other forum are you posting? Just so I know where else I can look.
AFM - I have experienced slight spotting and pain in the pelvic region on Thursday - it all subsided some time yesterday afternoon (Friday) and again light spotting today :( Not sure what to think as I am only 5w 2d. I must admit being so worried I will M/C again. Thank God my therapist has given me some meditations (by a lady called Jackie Brown - she has a series of meditations on YouTube to listen to pre, post ovum pick up as well as post transfer, for those interested) and breathing videos to follow and I try to keep myself busy this weekend. Hopefully this will just pass. 
If anyone had experience slight bleeding before early on and had a healthy pregnancy, now would be a good time to tell me about it :) DH (bless him) does not know what to say when I start worrying (essentially when I come out of the bathroom and realized there is still something going on).
Thanks for all your support everyone and I hope everything is going smoothly.

I just created a new discussion in this forum, bleeding at 6 weeks. Ive found a lot of discussion in sch in the forums at babycenter.com

Ive come across many stories of slight spotting turning out to be nothing. What I am learning is that every pregnancy is different.. there are so many different ways the pregnancy can go. Try to stay optimistic that everything will be ok and you will see your baby very soon on the ultrasound!
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