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Success with IUI after 40

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#1 Maybe

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Posted 11 September 2020 - 11:44 PM

My REI recommends to try iui after failing several rounds of iVF and failed FET.

I am unsure if its worth it...why, in particular the hype the emotions. Would really appreciate the feedback!

#2 annatarz79

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Posted 12 September 2020 - 01:33 AM

Did he say why he things it is best for you? Maybe you should ask a second and third opinion.

#3 Maybe

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Posted 12 September 2020 - 01:41 AM

Just because, No success after after 4 iVF cycles. As well, failed FET after ERA and receptiva test. She appeared frustrated with seeing another/fourth batch of abnormal embryos.. I feel like losing hope..

#4 Cotton2

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Posted 12 September 2020 - 04:25 PM

Honestly it sounds like a Hail Mary to me. If you didn't make good embryos for IVF I don't see why you would make them for IUIs. If she's talking about using injectable meds they're not that cheap either. 

#5 Maybe

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Posted 12 September 2020 - 11:38 PM

So true! Thats exactly how I feel, but in desperation of hearing the news of abnormal embryos again, I went along with her suggestion of trying iui during post-iVF consultation.

I am just so distressed and cant decide which way to go.

I only did letrozole 2.5mg 3tabs (I know very high) daily for 5days, and now checking OPK daily with every other day intimacy and go for ultrasound on Monday .,, then pay for iui Which is $1400. Unsure, if its really high, but meds were cheap.

#6 BabyforQ

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Posted 17 September 2020 - 12:23 PM

Hi Maybe, I also have not had any luck with IVF. I have had 4 retrievals in total, I did get 5 PGS normal embryos and one mosaic. All were transferred over the past 2 years and only one that implanted was the mosaic and I miscarried at 8 weeks. I can't see why another round of IVF would produce a different result if I had good embryos and did an ERA and varied protocols etc. 


I spoke to my Dr last week and she said I could also try IUI. It is $600 at our clinic. There's varied evidence on effectiveness - but I am thinking about giving it a try - I guess I have nothing to lose expect money and hope (lol). I have done 3 IUIs in the past 3 years, but my DD was conceived in 2015 doing an IUI so I guess you never know. My Dr also said that we could just do Letrozole and that the outcomes were just as good (which I'm not so sure about), but it is SOOOO much cheaper (I think $30). 


I totally understand the distress of getting abnormal embryos and having no way forward, but there's always a chance. I sometimes wonder if the abnormal ones could correct because its only a few cells (but I am NOT a Dr so what do I know!!). Also hard to know if IVF itself and the medications could be making embryos less viable. 


Either way - I totally feel your distress and confusion over IUI and whether it could work. I found this link that has lots of statistics if you're into that sort of thing.

Me: 40 DH: 41

Low Ovarian Reserve


Round #1

IUI Feb 2015 BFN

IUI with injectables Mar 2015 BFP!!! DD born Dec 2015


Round #2

Started TTC April 2017

IUI #1 Dec 2017 BFN

IVF #1 - 13 retrieved, one PGS normal embryo, March 2018, BFN

IVF # 2 - 11 retrieved, two PGS normal embryos, July 2018, BFN, Dec 2018, BFN

IUI #2 - March 2019, BFN

IUI #3 - June 2019, BFN

IVF#3 - 10 retrieved, one mosaic embryo, Nov 2019, BFP, MC 8 weeks +2

Switched Clinics

IVF #4 - 9 retrieved, two PGS normal embryos, June 2020, BFN, August 2020, BFN

IUI #4 November 2020, BFN

IUI #5 January 2021, CXN due to no growing follicles

IVF #5 April 2021 - 5 blasts (untested), 2 transferred, BFN, 2 transferred June - BFP!!! 

#7 Maybe

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Posted 17 September 2020 - 08:46 PM

Thank you for kind words BabyforQ! I wish you the best!! This link was super helpful in clarifying a few facts.

I know my REI is super expensive. This is our second because we had such a bad experience with Kaiser in Sacramento, CA. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and myself, and actually everybody who is struggling to find success.

#8 Maybe

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Posted 26 September 2020 - 04:46 PM

Update: IUI resulted in negative.. yes! Hail Mary ...
I noticed a few things-
Femera 6mg/day was started on Day-6
It continued to cause breakthrough bleeding (soaking 1pad daily) until stopped on Day-10 (my REI had no clue why it was bleeding)
Trigger shot on Day-16
IUI on Day-18

I am just so blown away with above mentioned schedule. My REI has no concern even if I brought this to attention that my cycle schedule seems delayed at least by 3-4days.

Then the sample was asked to bring with me (an hour long drive) since DH was uninvited to the clinic.

If we closely read the link BabyforQ sent. It clearly mentioned (and makes total sense too) that insemination within 1hr (time from ejaculation to insemination) improves the outcome...

I cant believe, this IUI experience seems off and poorly scheduled on so many levels.

I would really appreciate the input who have had IUI experience.

Not saying that at 41, I would have gotten pregnant with iui but I feel there is clear negligence in scheduling properly and then, not paying attention to duration factor for iui..

Please weigh in!


#9 smiley

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Posted 28 September 2020 - 11:33 AM

maybe: I'm sorry to hear about your negative experience. I'm not a doctor but I know that the trigger shot is administered at least 36 hours in advance because it will take about that long for ovulation to occur after triggering. Triggering basically puts finishing egg maturation and then release. In your case, the trigger on day 16 makes sense since you would be ovulating almost 2 days later when the IUI was performed (day 18). 


But most importantly if you don't feel confident about your REs care, I'd switch clinics. I have only done one IUI and used my natural cycle. On my CD 14 I went in and the US showed that I had just ovulated a couple of hours earlier and that's when my RE did the IUI. I was unsuccessful :( but I have faith in my RE and I continue to see him. 


I wish you luck and luck to all of us struggling with infertility. 

TTC for two years. DH had vasectomy reversal after close to 15 years. Sperm had antibodies especially on tail making it difficult for them to reach egg. RE suggested ART. 


2/2020: First consultation with RE. Decision made to do IVF  (Age=37)

3/2020: U/S to check state of uterus revealed presence of fibroids, one in particular protruding toward the uterine cavity. Made decision to undergo surgery to remove fibroids 

3/2020: Surgery to remove fibroids 

3-4/2020: Recovery from surgery and COVID hit leading to cancellation of all non-essential procedures 

5/2020: Started IVF #1. 

6/2020: Retrieved 11 eggs; 9 fertilized; 4 made it to blast (2 day 5s and 2 day 6s). Protocol involved BCP before starting stims

6/2020: Fresh transfer of two blasts (3AA and 3BB); positive HPT at 5dp5dt; beta hcg at 9dp5dt=71 th_abfp.gif ; second beta at 14dp5dt=1 th_abfn.gif (Chemical)cry.gif


Plan to transfer the other two blasts in 8/2020

8/2020: FET cancelled IVF lab had ventilation problems leading to shut down 


8/2020: IUI=th_abfn.gif


10/2020: FET #1 unmedicated; transfered 2 day 6 blasts=th_abfn.gif  


11/2020 IVF #2: Retrieved 7 eggs; all fertilized but only 4 made it to 5 day blasts. Protocol didn't have BCP before stimming

12/2020: Fresh transfer of the two blasts; positive HPT starting at 5dp5dt; 1st beta at 13dp5d=1549 th_abfp.gif ; 2nd beta at 20dp5dt=21,000; beta at 26dp5dt=51,000. Excited thinking its twins sad.png

Ultra sound at 7 weeks= one little bean yahoo.gif (Age=38)

Baby born in August 2021- weighing 8lbs  6oz. I am over the moon. Cheers everyone!


#10 Maybe

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Posted 04 October 2020 - 10:08 PM

Thank you smiley..

My situation has gone so fluid now..
my REI seems more confused than I am. Seems like, my anxiety and depression is dictating her course of treatment.

This seems a little like shot in the dark. Now, my AFC seems to be declining and everything depends on what I want to do. IUI or mini iVF or full iVF.,, ?!?!?! I dont know!!!

Its more like, she is refraining from making a treatment plan or may be too kind to not snatch hope for my own DNA and recommend donor eggs..

Has that happened to anyone ?! That your REI just looks at you for what you want to do and just hold hand.. sometimes we just want to be shown the reality and not continue to fool yourself

#11 seansgirl

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Posted 20 October 2020 - 03:28 PM

I’m sorry you’re going through this. I just met with RE on Zoom and he said he doesn’t recommend IUI for women over 40 as the success rate is quite low due to eggs being harder.
<p>Me 40; DH 491998 Vasectomy 2008- Failed Reversal Aug. 2009- Referred to FC Nov. 2010- Changed clinicsMar. 2011- Appt to discuss IVF (AMH 32.6)Ape. 2011- Appt with UrologistMay 7th- start BCMay 27th- finish BCJune 1st- AF arrivedJune3rd- Start Gonal F and LuverisJune15th- ER (14 eggs retrieved)June 20th- 2 Blasts transferred, no frostiesJuly 4th- BETA( chemical pregnancy)Feb 2013- second VRApril 2013- we have swimmers!June 14- now dealing with antibodiesSept 6th- Great news from urologist, now to look into IUIFeb. 25/2014- IUI-BFN Now we wait for IVF FundingNov. 2016- on the list for IVF for July 2018 (Hoping to get bumped earlier)March 2018- appt to discuss Funded IVFJune 2018- start pre-treatment meds (AMH 8, AFC 12) July 2018 (AMH 8, AFC 7)July 3rd- start gonal f and menopur. July 16- ER ( 4 eggs, 3 mature) July 22- 1frozen 5AA (day 3 we had 6,7 and 8 cell embryos).October 2020- time to make a plan for a FET in 2021</p><p>January 2021- start with Naturopath and make plans for a Feb or Mar 2021 FET</p><p>Feb 4- Day 1</p><p>Feb 9- start estrogen patchesMarch 2, 2021- transfer of our beautiful 5aa embryoMarch 7th- vf lineMarch 11- Beta 9dp5dt- 241 BFP MC at 6 weeks 😢 September 2021- Consult Appt at new clinic

#12 Cotton2

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Posted 24 October 2020 - 10:11 PM

your REI just looks at you for what you want to do and just hold hand.. sometimes we just want to be shown the reality and not continue to fool yourself


I was asked as I was gowned up for egg retrieval if we were doing a fresh transfer. I was like "Why are you asking ME?!" I asked my midwife what is a good goal for breastfeeding and she's like "As long as desirable to both participants". In a way some a-hole authoritarian type doctor would be nice. The pendulum has swing too far toward the touchy feely IMO. I guess they've been around that they've seen enough Hail Marys work they want to give you the chance? I don't know. 

#13 happyfrog

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Posted 25 October 2020 - 09:40 AM

I am sorry about your negative experience, in case of abnormal embryos IVF PGS NGS might work out for you.