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Seeking embryo donation

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Posted 31 July 2020 - 05:12 PM

Hello there,

My husband and I live in Montreal, Quebec, and we have lived in many places before. Overall, we speak 5 languages. We are both scientists with doctorates and stable full-time jobs. We have a 6 year old son, thanks to oocyte donation, and 2 cats we adore. Our son is asking for a little sibling and it breaks our hearts to tel him we've been trying since he was 1 year old and still nothing... We love travelling, going to the movies, concerts, etc., spending time with friends, the usual! Sports we practice (not very often to be honest, and less since our son was born): cycling, skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking, scuba diving. I also enjoy exercising. My husband's main hobby is bonsai and mine is glass painting and singing in choirs (only virtual choirs for the moment). 

Our journey with infertility is very long. We got married in 2010 and immediately started trying for a baby. After a year we were referred to a fertility clinic. No special problem was found with me, except for my advanced age (bad egg quality), while my husband has 70% DNA fragmentation. After 5 clinics and 4 years of treatments (1 IUI, 2 IVF cycles with my own eggs, 2 with donor eggs, 1 of which ended up with no embryos to transfer, and 1 miscarriage on my birthday), our first FET worked and we welcomed our perfect son in August 2014.
A year later we went back for our 2 remaining embryos in order to expand our family. I got pregnant with the first one and have decided, together with our egg donor, to donate the last embryo to another family. Unfortunately, I miscarried again and we ended up transferring it ourselves. It was a BFN and, thus, from being potential donors we became potential recipients from one day to the other. 
After learning about embryo donation, we've decided that is the way to go for our second, especially since we both have fertility issues. I've had a wonderful pregnancy and I'm looking forward to repeat the experience. We are looking for a private match, a family willing to donate their remaining embryos to us. 
At the end of 2017 we finally matched with a wonderful Canadian family here on, who donated their last embryo to us after donating to other 4 families (all of which succeeded). This embryo was stored in Toronto, and we travelled there for the FETIt was transferred in April 2018 and... I got pregnant! We were so happy! However, after seeing a heartbeat at the 6 weeks scan, we found out at the 9 week scan that the baby had stopped developing and I've had a D&C surgery in June. Without going into details, I'll confess this was one of the most traumatic experiences I've gone through, I'm still suffering and will always be. Not only we lost our babies but also babies that were so so difficult to have. Soon after, a family from the US offered their 2 embryos to us, but they backed out 5 months later, when the paperwork was ready to be signed and we were ready to start a new cycle. Since then, we've been in touch with several potential donors without moving forward for different reasons, both explained and
 unexplained to us.


We continue in our journey and keep on looking for a private match. We are open to any type of relationship (open, semi-open, closed) with the donor family, although we would prefer to have contact with the donor family, as the one we have with our wonderful egg donor and her family. Perhaps, with the help of somebody reading this and willing to donate their embryos, we could finally be able to complete our family! Thank you for your time and do not hesitate to contact me! 

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