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Empty follicles help!

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#1 N1111

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Posted 21 June 2020 - 08:21 PM

So I did my retrieval Yesterday and it resulted in two eggs being retrieved out of nine follicles that were seen On the ultrasound. I dont know what happened to this cycle as I have never had a response like this. Out of the two eggs only one was mature and the other was super small. The ultrasound showed that I would have had 3-4 mature ones. I dont know what happened.y doctor has switched my protocol and maybe that is why I had such a shitty response. Has anyone had this happen?

#2 IreneT

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Posted 27 June 2020 - 11:41 AM

My first cycle when I was 33, I had seven follicles and they retrieved one egg. We were doing IVF for male factor and all my tests had come back perfect. It was devastating. (I got pregnant but lost it at seven weeks.) The clinic said the cycle was perfect for me and that my body was special and would never produce a lot of eggs. They even suggested maybe I didnt ovulate on my own, despite all the tests showing I did. I asked about changing things in my protocol, but they refused everything I asked about. They wanted to increase my stim dose and do the exact same thing again. This did NOT sit right with me so I did a consultation at another clinic. Without me even asking, that doctor recommended almost all the things that I had asked about at the first clinic and been denied. He switched me to an antagonist protocol, reduced the menopur dose and added in gonal-f. (At the first clinic I stimmed with JUST menopur.) He also put me on letrazole during stims to keep my estrogen from getting too high. It took 11 days to stim instead of eight. He used a double trigger. I took DHEA and supplements like CoQ10 and vitamin D, following his recommendations. They got 23 eggs, 22 mature. We still only ended up with three blasts because we lost most of them after day 3, which suggests it was due to male factor. But Ive had two successful single embryo transfers from that batch, with the third one still frozen. (Another issue was that the first clinic could only reach one ovary. It only had two of the seven follicles though, so it wouldnt have changed much. The second clinic said theyd go through my uterus if they had to in order to reach both ovaries, but they didnt have to.) Happy to talk more if you need. So sorry for your bad experience.

IVF#1 (April 2017): retrieved one egg, fresh 3-day transfer, missed miscarriage around 7 weeks, D&C


IVF#2 (Sept 2017): retrieved 23 eggs, 22 mature, 18 fertilized, 3 frozen on day 5, no transfer


FET#1 (Nov 2017): one grade 3 blast (upgraded to grade 2 at transfer), first β-HCG of 751 at 12dp5dt, delivered my son at 39w6d by unplanned c-section


FET#2 (Feb 2020): one grade 2 early blast, first β-HCG of 480 at 11dp5dt. 7w3d ultrasound showed embryo measuring 7w2d with a heart rate of 153. Heart rate at 12w5d: 148, at 16w4d: 147

#3 SD11

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Posted 05 July 2020 - 03:29 PM

I went through this my first cycle of IVF. I had 25+ follicles all of good/mature size, but I only got 12 eggs, so a lot of them were empty. I'm still not sure what happened to cause it. 

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Sept 2019 - FET #3 - BFN
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Oct 2020 - IVF #3 - 4 embryos
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March 2021 - FET #6 - BFP!

#4 hopefuldadsomeday

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Posted 31 July 2020 - 03:26 PM

Similar thing happened on our 3rd IVF cycle.  Leading up to ER, it looked like our best cycle yet - I think 12 or 13 mature follicles, but only 4 eggs were retrieved - we were so disappointed.

March 2016 - Miscarriage #1 (chemical pregnancy)

August 2016 -  Miscarriage #2 (Trisomy-16)

December 2016 - Miscarriage #3 (unknown - suspected chromosomal abnormality)

IVF #1 - Aug 2017 (estrogen priming antagonist protocol) - 9 eggs retrieved, 3 fertilized, 2 blastocysts, only 1 PGS normal embryo 5BB mitoscore 25.1 (frozen)

IVF #2 - Nov 2017 (estrogen priming antagonist protocol - with testosterone priming and growth hormone) - 7 eggs retrieved, 5 fertilized with ICSI, 1 blastocyst PGS-normal 5BB mitoscore 33.12 (frozen)

IVF #3 - Jan 2018 (estrogen priming antagonist protocol with growth hormone) -  4 eggs retrieved, 2 fertilized with ICSI, 1 blastocyst PGS-normal 6BB mitoscore 29.82 (frozen)

FET #1 - March 2018 - cancelled due to thin lining (6.25mm)

FET #1.2 - April 2018 - cancelled due to thin lining again! (4.85mm)

FET #1.3 - June 4, 2018 (lining 7.5mm!) - th_abfn.gif

ERA Aug 2018 - Pre-receptive by 1 day

FET #2 - Sep 18, 2018 (lining 6.9mm) th_abfp.gif  Beta #1: Sep 30, 2018 - 682  Beta #2: Oct 6,2018 - 6656 U/S: Oct 15 - measuring 6w4d (CRL 6.87mm), HR 127bpm! U/S: Oct 25 - measuring 8w1d (CRL 16.69mm), HR 168bpm!  Discharged to midwives!  June 7, 2019: It's a girl!  DD born 7lb 2oz babygirl.gif

FET #3 - Oct 4, 2021 (lining 8.8mm!)  th_abfp.gif  Beta #1: Oct 14, 2021: 415, Beta #2: Oct 21, 2021: 4778 U/S: Nov 1, 2021 - measuring 6w4d, CRL 6.6mm, HR 133bm! U/S: Nov 15, 2021 - measuring 8w6d (CRL: 22.3mm), HR 182bpm!  Discharged to midwives!

#5 ShadowGirl

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Posted 20 August 2020 - 08:09 AM

I'm afraid that something similar is waiting for me in my near future. I had an egg donation program in the past due to PCOS. I was told that all my follicles are empty and there is no chance to have my baby so we proceeded with DE. Now, I'm starting my IVF journey but my new Dr told me that we can try with my own oocytes because of my AMH level. I don't believe much in the success but I want to try it. I will definitely use that chance and hope that it will work outpreggo.gif