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Bravelle stim for IVF

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Posted 17 April 2020 - 06:07 PM

Has anyone tried Bravelle instead of gonal f for IVF? My doctor is switching me to something f different to see if I can get a different response. He is also continuing menopour. Any success stories.


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Posted 18 April 2020 - 02:27 PM

I was taking a different follitropin, Rekovelle (follitropin delta), which is another recombinant FSH. The Bravelle is a non-recombinant as in it is highly purified follitropin originating from post-menpausal women's urine.


I suspect they hope there is something in the human version that is missing from the Gonal F (follitropin alpha) which is a different recombinant FSH.


I personally don't have any experience with the Bravelle but it would be helpful to ask why that vs one of the other recombinants? I think the recombinants are more pricey. 


I just mention the Rekovelle because I had a hard time finding people talking about it, and while I didn't have the greatest yield, I am also 40 and we were lucky to get 8 mature eggs and 5 quality embryos for preservation (4 high quality day5 and 1 high quality day6). :)