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Abnormal embryos

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#1 vmt04

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Posted 27 February 2020 - 08:43 PM

We just finished our first IVF cycle with MFC. I thought everything was working out pretty well we got 5 blasts out of 13 eggs retrieved. Sent them for pgs and 0 normals. We got 3 abnormal and 2 mosaic. Completely shocked as I am 32 and doctor had hopes that I would get a few good ones. Has happened to anyone? Did you do another cycle and have success. I feel like it's the end of my dream of being a mom.
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#2 SynchroGirl

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Posted 29 February 2020 - 02:45 PM

Vmt, I am so sorry to hear of your disheartening cycle. My first cycle at MFC I had zero blasts and questioned my decision to move there (I had blasts with my previous clinic) but I stuck with them and so glad I did. I went on to have 2 cycles of only abnormal or mosaic embryos and finally got my first 2 normals on retrieval #6 (#4 with MFC). I also switched drugs from Gonal F to Rekovelle - no idea if this was a factor but I didnt want to keep trying the same thing. I was also only getting 1-3 embryos per cycle so you getting 5 at once is a positive sign. Sometimes it takes a few attempts to find the golden eggs. I would give it another go. I am now 15 weeks from my first FET. Best of luck to you!

Me: 40 DH: 52

Dx: Mild Endo, Immune Related Issues, Unexplained

TTC #1 since 2003... 3 years ending in heartbreaking divorce...

Lap #1 in 2005 (mild endo), Lap #2 in 2013 (confirmed no regrowth)

6 IUIs 2013-2014 @ RCC

IVF #1 (March 2018) - 4 eggs retrieved, 1 blast - 3BC (not tested), fresh transfer, BFN

Changed clinics - now @ MFC / Dr Virro - referred for immune testing, Dr wants to first get 2-3 PGS normal embryos before doing immune testing

May 2018-May 2019: 6 more IVF cycles.. 12 embryos, 3 PGS normal (5AB, 3AB, 4BC), 1 mosaic (4BB), 1 too small to test (3BC), 7 abnormal

Immune testing revealed low leukocyte antibodies (1%)

May-June 2019: LIT #1 (x2 treatments) with DH - minor improvement

July-Sept 2019: LIT #2 with donor (x3 treatments) - again minor improvement

Oct-Nov 2019: LIT #3 with new donor (x2 treatments) - not going to wait for the results, proceeding with transfer in December 2019

Dec 20, 2019 - first ever BFP!



#3 vmt04

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Posted 05 March 2020 - 08:26 PM

Thanks Synchrogirl. I couldn't imagine being able to pay for 6 retreivals. I think the doctor wants me to do rekovelle in the next cycle. Congrats on your pregnancy!!

#4 elephantshoes

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Posted 06 March 2020 - 10:19 AM

vmt - I also had a cycle (at a previous clinic) where all embryos came back abnormal.  Cycle 1 we didn't do PGS, but it resulted in my daughter so I'm assuming she was normal - 4 other embryos were transfered with BFNs.  Cycle 2 only 2 PGS normal out of 5 or 6 (and the transfer was BFN).  Cycle 3 0 PGS normal out of 11.  Cycle 4 (at MFC) we got 6 PGS normal out of 8 day 5 blasts by following the drug protocol from cycle 2 I believe.  First FET was also BFN.  Second FET we did immune testing and an ERA which finally resulted in a BFP.  Third transfer from the last cycle (again with an immune protocol) also resulted in a BFP.  All in all we did 7 cycles but only 4 made it to retrieval.  Sometimes it just takes figuring out your magic formula to get the best eggs/embryos - good luck!

IVF 1 - cancelled, oversuppressed

IVF 2 - cancelled, ovulated through stims

IVF 3 - BFP, welcomed beautiful baby girl

FET 1 - 1 blast, BFN

FET 2 - 1 blast BFP, chemical

FET 3 - 2 blasts, BFN

IVF 4 - adding in PGS this time, two PERFECT blasts transferred, BFN

ERA revealed implantation window is off by 2 days

IVF 5 - cancelled, ridiculously bad growth compared to other cycles

IVF 6 - transfer cancelled, all 11 blasts came back genetically abnormal


getting second opinion/changing clinics...the story continues...


IVF 7 - 34 retrieved, 7 day 5 blasts, 6 PGS NORMAL!!!

FET 4 - 1 euploid blast (4BB), BFN

Immune testing - NK cells too high, LADs too low - 3 LITS + IVIG recommended and completed

ERA testing shows that lining is receptive for 7.5dt 

FET 5 - 1 euploid blast (3ABO), BFP

BETA #1 - 10dp5dt 252

BETA #2 - 12dp5dt 559

everything is crossed...

Welcomed another beautiful baby girl 


FET 6 - 1 euploid blast (3BAO), BFP

BETA #1 - 13dp5dt 420

#5 Summervibe

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Posted 20 June 2020 - 04:26 PM

Hi both!

May I know what meds did the doctor give you guys? Also, did you guys pre beforehand with supplements?

My first IVF is coming in July.. and I m scared of not having embryos...

#6 D-Nice

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Posted 26 June 2020 - 08:54 AM

@summervibe I will be completing my first ivf this July as well and I am super nervous and I have low ovarian reserve.
I dont have coverage through insurance for medications so was also looking to see if anyone had any insight as to much much roughly meds would be here in Canada.

#7 returnable

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Posted 26 June 2020 - 02:04 PM

@summervibe I will be completing my first ivf this July as well and I am super nervous and I have low ovarian reserve.
I dont have coverage through insurance for medications so was also looking to see if anyone had any insight as to much much roughly meds would be here in Canada.


A couple of years back I did a comparison of gonal-F costs from various sources, and what I could get locally was $1.02 to $1.20 per each IU of gonal-F. Menopur was around $1/IU. If you are a poor responder, which most likely you will be, often the dosage will be 300IU gonal-F and 150IU menopur per day, with stims lasting from 9-13 days. Depending on the protocol your are on, you may also require an antagonist like Orgalutran, which runs at $100/day for the dosage. There are some other meds, but these are the most expensive components. I spent almost $5000 on one cycle and $6,600 on a second one going to a pharmacy that sells the meds basically at cost, so the lower end of the prices. You can order from places like IVFmeds.com where they are cheaper, but the Ministry of Healthy blocked my shipment (though others have been successful). The other issue with ordering from them is that you have to predict how much you'll need, which is hard when this is your first cycle.