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Dexamethesone - safe?

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#1 Wishingandhoping8888

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Posted 26 January 2020 - 05:05 PM



Just wondering if Dexamethesone is a safe drug to use up until the pregnancy test during a FET (1mg, orally daily). 


The reason I'm asking is with my last successful FET we used Dex (with Dr Hudson at VFC). However with this next protocol my clinic is now recommending that we don't use it in light of the possible risk of birth defects (now with VFC newly owned by PCRM). I was doing some research online however it seems VERY common to use in IVF to reduce inflammation and improve live birth rates. 


Thoughts? What's the risk of birth defects? And what type of birth defects? Or just your personal experience in using DEx would be appreciated. 


OR have any one you gotten pregnant without the use of Dex (and you have advanced endo, 35+, poor ovarian reserve). 

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Am currently trying to figure out what worked for others in similar situations as me ?  th_agrr.gif


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#2 Cotton

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Posted 26 January 2020 - 05:31 PM



That is a really tough call. I think I only had a single dose timed with the embryo transfer. Embryos are most sensitive to toxins from week 3-8 when the organs are forming. Even stopping it on the day of the pregnancy test would be cutting it close, although it seems some women are on it until week 8 or 10?!


I would think if you carried a baby to term already you are at low risk of having the rare immune issues.