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Tiny polyp

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Posted 25 January 2020 - 10:25 AM

Hi all,


I am prepping for first ever ivf cycle (long story short I don’t have any fertility issues and we got pregnant after 2 unmedicated iuis with dd. We are using a donor and found out he’s retired so we only have 2 vials and want to give ourselves the best chance so hopped over to ivf). I had my sono yesterday and my RE found a tiny polyp (6mm) she said it was up to me but her recommendation was to leave it (due to the size and position). She said they will monitor it and if it grows a huge amount we will just do a freeze all and have it removed at that point. She said it was of course my decision but that it was her recommendation to leave it (she said they remove anything over 1cm but under that there isn’t any research that it makes a difference). Anyone else had this experience?