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Should I go ahead with IVF transfer when I feel my body is weak or sick?


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Posted 28 December 2019 - 07:58 PM

Hello everyone,I felt sick and my urine test shows few organism found and leukocyte esterase is high (75).I am not feeling well and feel very tired all day, sick of the injection of the progesterone. My IVF transfer date is coming in 3 days, should I go ahead with the transfer or let my body take a break? Honest I am really not comfortable and kind of hate the IVF medication. Help me!Thx.

#2 prarie_faerie

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Posted 05 January 2020 - 08:21 PM

Hey! Sorry to hear you're not doing well on the meds 😥 I was sick with OHSS during my ivf round and so my clinic did not let me go ahead with a fresh trasnfer. I'm glad they didnt as I was quite sick and even if a fresh transfer could have been successful it would have made me more sick.
I am now doing my first frozen embryo transfer and have felt the same as you: the meds are awful (particularly the progesterone). But I am pushing ahead even though I feel ill and exhausted of this whole process. I heard one women in a podcast describe ivf as " very expensive self harm" anyway, here is some of my reasoning for pushing on instead of taking a break:
1.I have already put a lot of $ into this transfer (everything is paid upfront and no refunds if you back out). Plus all those meds are expensive too. So something to think about if cost is a factor for you
2. Even though I am having just awful time with progesterone side effects currently, I know that even if I did take a break, I will have to be on the same drugs the next time I try and will feel the same as I do now so better just to do my best and push forward. Would you have to be on the same meds if you took a break and came back to it later? If so, you will likely feel similar then as you to how you are feeling now unfortubately
3. I desperately want to be pregnant after so many failed years of trying that I feel motivated to stick with it - this is especially true if age is a factor

That is just my reasoning for myself however! You know your body best and what you need to care for yourself and keep a positive mind state about all of it! If you need a break, you can always wait a few months and get back to feeling like yourself then try again. Best of luck 🥰

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