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The right to be off from work after FET

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Posted 19 December 2019 - 11:32 AM

I work and live in Toronto. I did a FET abroad on July19th2019. My family Dr gave me a note so I gave it to my work hr dept before travelling letting them kjow I had to be absent for the week I had to be away.
When I came back with the 2 embryos transferred into me, I went to see my family Dr to have his advice before returning to work.
He gave me a note to be absent from work until the day 14 after transfer( I would have my HCG results by that day), and avoid adding stress and anxiety all this process causes.
At work they told me I had to apply for insurance as complete/total disability mandatory, even if I do not care about being paid for those days.
They said that It was mandatory to apply and that if I got it denied I would have a Disciplinary Action.
I applied , they denied it. I re applied with a special letter from me telling i have an i am going to counselling (i started the counselling 2.5 years ago ) and anoher letter from my dr explaining that I did a FET and that due to the nature of the treatment It was stressful for me to go to work during those days.
They denied saying stress and anxiety of an IVF is not enough reason to be considered disabled to work during those days (the 2week wait).
The FET did not work. I am worried they are going to put a Disciplinary Action for being absent with a Dr note.
I have been so stressed I have my last chance to try again, we spent so much money and energy and life on this...
I just want to have be a mom, we want to have a family... I read thag the World health organization recognizes infertility as an ilness and a fertilty treatment as a right, not a benefit.... my heart is in pieces. And I am , on top, going to be "punished" for being absent to do the treatment...
I know some times it is better to just continue with your life, go to work and that is even better. I am a hard working person, but I was too stressed and anxious...
What can I do ? I would like to talk with HR at work but knowing my rights.
Any advice ?
Thanks so much