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Your experience with PCRM

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#1 WithLove100

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Posted 18 December 2019 - 07:23 PM

Hello all, 


I have been reading through old threads and wondering if anyone have recent experience with PCRM to share with me? 


I recently had failed cycles with Genesis and would consider changing to PCRM. 
My experiences with Genesis were rather frustrating and disappointing. 
Dr. K was very confident that we would succeed on this round of IVF, 98%!
It ended up that we were the 2% Maybe she didn't expect our case to be so complicated.
The IVF results weren't that successful, even Dr. K admitted that she didn't expect the outcome to be so poor.
Then we failed all the FET cycles. We felt like we were pushed through the first cycle without being prepared with all the possible scenarios. It won't be such a big deal if it's not financially drained each time!
Does anyone have similar unsuccessful experience from other clinic but succeed at PCRM?

#2 From0to3

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Posted 19 December 2019 - 12:29 AM

I had a horrible experience with both doctor K and Genesis and switched to Dr.Roberts and PCRM. Dr.Roberts is incredibly talented at what he does and I ended up having three ivf babies with his help. I would switch without hesitation but everyones experience is different.

IVF#1:17 Eggs, 4-5 Day Blasts: Transferred 2: th_abfn.gif

 FET#1: Transferred 2: th_abfp.gif m/[email protected] th_agrr.gif 

IVF#2: 5 Eggs, 5-5 Day Blasts: Transferred 2: th_abfp.gif Boy/Girl Twins born DEC 2013 babygirl.gif babyboy.gif 


FET#2:Transferred 1: th_abfp.gif Baby Girl born July 2016 babygirl.gif  


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