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Success stories Please? NOA Azoospermia

azoospermia male factor mtese

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#1 sheryyjj

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Posted 31 July 2019 - 05:41 PM

Hello Everyone,


Just posting hoping to find someone going through  similar mental trauma as Me.. looks like I am going crazy surfing the internet 24/7 looking for a single glimpse of hope. Hope I can find someone here.


We are living in Toronto, Canada. My husband was diagnosed with non obstructive azoospermia. We consulted a urologist at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canada who suggested surgical sperm extraction (micro TESE) and prescribed a hormonal therapy before undergoing mTESE  (HCG for 3 months). The procedure was done on Dec-2017.
After the surgery Dr. informed that he did not find any mature sperms during the procedure , however he did saw some immature sperms elongated spermatids and several rounded spermatids signifying late maturation arrest.
The sample was freezed for future analysis. We shifted the Sperm tissue to TRIO fertility clinic in Toronto Canada. TRIO is the only clinic in Canada that have some ICSI success with elongated Spermatids. I went through a  IVF cycle and egg retrieval on July 25th-2019 and they thaw the sample same day to look for the spermatids.

Total 13 eggs were retrieved during egg retrieval and the thawed sample they got few elongated spermatids all were injected using ICSI, On day 1,  2 out of 10 eggs were fertilized but unfortunately on day 3 the both embryos stopped growing.


They suggested to go for fresh cycle but said that success rate is only 5% not sure what to do now!!!!!

Anyone had any success with repeated MTESE? Or with immature sperms, please connect before I go totally insane!!



Me: 30 

DH: 34

DH diagnosed with NOA azoospermia in 2016

First MTESE Dec 2017, no spems found, several round and elongated spermatids, sample frozen


IVF #1
July 2019 - at TRIO
ER July 25th - 13 eggs 10 mature, DH's frozen sample

Day 1: 2 eggs fertilized out of 10. 

Day 3: 2 Embryos stopped growing 

#2 cj123

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Posted 06 August 2019 - 09:46 AM

Hey!  I can't relate in the exact way, but I can share a bit of what we went through.  Our infertility is strictly severe male factor.  We adopted our first son through traditional adoption, as we were told IVF was going to be a straightforward and easy solution for our infertility.  We adopted then hoping we could easily control the spacing of our kids.  Well, our IVF didn't go easy and ended up as a massive failure.  All of our embryos arrested (we originally had 10 embryos out of the 20 mature eggs).   Our doctor called it a fluke and encouraged us to try again.  She was truly in complete shock that it happened this way.  We went back and forth on whether or not we would want to do another round of IVF.  I really wanted my son to have a sibling, but hated the whole IVF process and hated that we just blew $14,000 with nothing to show for it.  So we made a decision to move onto donor embryos.  I know some people really feel they need to have the biological connection, to us it was never the most important thing.  Our son, who is adopted traditionally, was always ours, so we knew the biology wouldn't be important.  We did weigh the option of using a sperm donor, which to me felt really weird.  I felt that I would rather have another child that was not related to my husband or myself, than have a child that was half mine and half some other guys.  We actually connected with an amazing family through a local infertility group and were gifted three blastocysts.  Our second son is the first of those three.  I loved being able to experience pregnancy (even though I definitely do not love being pregnant), and the bond that I had instantly with him was so incredible and completely unexplainable.  So, I would encourage you to explore how you feel about the biology.  If it's very important that you have biological kids, by all means try again.  But just know that both my boys are 100% mine and we share no DNA.  We have two more embryos left and we are going to transfer again later this year!  Good luck in whatever you decide.  I know that this journey is so incredibly hard and trying, but you are stronger than you think!  take care of yourself!

Me - 31  Hubby - 31


Trying to conceive since 2012


2013- Husband diagnosed with Congenital Absence of Vas Deferens caused by being a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis


2013 - decided to adopt before pursuing fertility treatments


November 2015 - Our beautiful baby boy is born!  We got to be there for the birth!  He's ours!


May 2016 - Adoption Finalized!!!


After a cancelled IVF cycle and an IVF cycle that completely failed for unknown reasons (22 eggs, 10 fertilized, zero on day five), we have moved onto donor embryos! 


August 2017 - We received three beautiful embryos from an amazing donor family!  


FET #1- One beautiful hatching 5 day blast transferred Oct 11/17 - BFP!!! beta #1- 92 (9dp5dt) beta #2- 297 (13dp5dt)

beta #3- 700 (16dp5dt) beta #4- 3500 (20dp5dt)  

Ultrasound Nov 7 (6w4d) - One little bean, heartbeat of 125 bpm!  Due June 29, 2018

June 19, 2018 It's a Boy!! 7 lbs 2 oz of perfection!


FET #2 - One day 6 Blast transferred Feb 26/2020 - BFN 


One final chance with one final embryo hopefully soon!  Go away Covid-19!


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