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IVf with Egg Donor

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Posted 24 July 2008 - 02:59 PM

Hello everyone, I am new to this list and wanted to introduce myself.

My husband and I recently lost a little baby in miscarriage. It had taken us 2 years to make him and I though he was going to be our last one cause I am 43 going on 44 in nov. Unfortunatly we lost him at 3 months and I was very devastated.

So I wanted to adopt cause I didn't want to loose 4 like my sister did last year. But the adoption route was too complicated and long. We then were going to go adopting embryos but again too much involvements with little luck.
So finally decided to go IVF. At first we were going to use my eggs but because of the stats and my last mc we decided to use an Egg Donor.

At first we were going to use an agency but they lied to use on several occasion so we banned agencies and were going to use the clinic's donor but all the best ones were on cycle or had a year waiting list...

So I decided to post some adds to find my own donor and after weeks of daily work and frustration we finally found the perfect donor and is very affordable.

So I did my first mock cycle with Estrade which cost us $59 dollars and that's it so far. I had 3 ultrasound and still nothing all covered by Ohip. So far so good. We are lucky that the clinic cost is very cheep and so we are hoping to stay under $20,000 but hey you go with the flow and hope for the best. We are using a clinic in the US near the border cause we are in Canada I am getting pretty exited about the whole thing. Its good I have 2 full time job right now it will pay for everything and keeps my mind off while I am working. They both finish at the end of september and when the the transfer might take place so it might be just perfect timing.

I would love to hear about other people using an egg donor and how you found her and everything. And if you got successful or any other info might be also helpful like embryo quality and how can we not let them die etc.

thanks and lots of baby dusts you way.