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CBD oil effect on treatment

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#1 MaybeBabyM

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Posted 12 March 2019 - 01:57 PM

I am considering using cbd oil for anxiety/high levels of stress and chronic pain. I will be having an fet done in roughly June of this year. Will using cbd oil have a negative effect on my results, will it interfere with protocol medications?

Thanks in advance.

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#2 schlepp

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Posted 13 March 2019 - 10:44 AM

FYI the RE isn' that active on here these days. Also, CNY in the US actually prescribes CBD oil to their fertility patients as they believe it helps with inflammation. Most people are on it for 3-4 months and through stims and transfer. 

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#3 DrMichaelHartman

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Posted 20 March 2019 - 03:04 PM

The evidence surrounding CBD oil use and whether it helps or harms fertility is not entirely clear.


Much of the negative effects of marijuana are associated with the THC component, but there are not any well-designed large trials assessing CBD and fertility.

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#4 BraveJan

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Posted 12 January 2021 - 03:52 AM

CBD oil has only positive effects on your mental health as well on your skin, don't worry :) Rather than using real, harmful drugs, I know people who were desperate to get rid of the anxiety and turned to herioin :(, it's a thousand times better to use CBD oils https://orendabotani...products/rescue . They're harmless and have lots of great benefits that not many people are aware of. You should, of course, contact your doctor first and ask if it's okay for you to take it, just to be sure. Personally, my doctor recomended me taking these and I can tell you, they helped me a lot. I am really happy I listened to him, an expert and not to the society :)