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Repeated Implantation Failure

RIF implantation failure miscarrige add-ons prednison HCG wash implantation

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#1 moomac

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Posted 02 January 2019 - 09:20 PM

Have had 8 single frozen embryo transfers (combination of Day 3 and Day 5) with only one pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage at 10 weeks.


My questions are:

1) What tests can be performed to assess the cause of my repeated implantation failure (i.e. killer cells, blood clotting disorder etc)?


2) What evidence based approaches are known to help with RIF? (i.e. Intralipids, Prednisone, Fragmin, HCG wash, Embryo glue etc). Looking for approaches that have a decent to strong evidence base.


3) Of the suggested approaches to help with RIF are any of the known adverse effects on baby or pregnancy? Has the intervention been used long enough to know potential long-term effects?


Thank you,



#2 socialgirl

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Posted 03 January 2019 - 09:12 PM

Hi moomac,


I would consider getting the ERA test. I did one in the Summer of 2018 and it showed that I needed an extra day of progesterone.


Have you also considered doing PGS testing?


Good luck with everything! I pray that the fertility gods are smiling on you.

Me: 36, hypothyroidism, stage 4+ deep infiltrating endometriosis, low ovarian reserve


IVF#1: 5 eggs retrieved, 4 mature, 4 fertilized with PICSI, 4 PGS tested, 3 genetically perfect grade 5AA (6-day), 4AA (5-day), and 3AA (5-day) embryos.

FET #1: BFN (transferred 4AA (5-day))

Prep for FET#2 - 2 months of Lupron

FET #2:  BFN (transferred 3AA (5-day))

IVF #2.1: flare protocol with natural start (CANCELLED)

IVF #2.2: short antagonist protocol with natural start & dexamethasone - 8 eggs retrieved. 2 fertilized, both arrested by Day 5 due to poor sperm quality

IVF#3: short antagonist protocol with natural start & dexamethasone with PESA and Assisted Oocyte Activation - 5 eggs retrieved, total fertilization failure due to poor sperm quality


Spring 2018: Surgery to removed Fallopian tubes, which were severely diseased, and cleaned up endometriosis


June/July 2018: Mock cycle with ERA test = pre-receptive, need 7 days of progesterone (test was worth every penny!)


November 2018: DH and I decided to part ways


I will sadly never know if the  "everything and the kitchen sink" approach would have worked:

  • Estradot patches, prometrium and PIO
  • Immune protocol which includes Intralipid Infusions, Claritin, Pepcid, Prednisone 
  • Fragmin


My dream of ever having a family is on hold. :(


#3 hw209

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Posted 04 January 2019 - 08:18 AM

I second the ERA test. Some doctors dont believe in it but in your case I think it would be worthwhile trying it. Also, you could try acupuncture, it can help prepare your body for implantation/to accept the embryo and has no adverse effects.

#4 hbbg

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Posted 05 January 2019 - 04:44 PM

Hi Im in a similar boat- 9 embryos transferred, day 3 & 5, frozen, fresh. Even with an Era and the correct date. Not pigs tested. My RE strongly suspects immune issues. So the plan is another full ivf, pgs & immune testing bloodwork.
******* Holly *******

#5 amazing grace

amazing grace
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Posted 07 January 2019 - 06:42 PM

I have done it all!!!! I had three early miscarriages, five failed frozen transfers, a termination at 17 weeks due to anencephaly and just recently an ectopic pregnancy. I have had immune testing. immune protocol, ERA, intralipids. acupuncture and can't remember all the other things. 7 years later, still no baby. I believe sometimes no answer is found, unfortunately. 

#6 DrMichaelHartman

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Posted 13 February 2019 - 08:48 AM

The evidence for most interventions for recurrent implantation failure, including most of the ones mentioned in this thread, are unfortunately very poor. When things aren't working people are willing to try anything. Ultimately whether an embryo decides to stick or not after RIF may have nothing to do with the intervention people tried, and likely has more to do with the embryo.

That being said many of the interventions do not have any significant harm, but some do have significant cost.

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#7 tabkay

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Posted 28 September 2020 - 09:34 PM

I am so sorry, I came across this and thought if I should ask here.
We are in the same boat of RIF.
All the immune testings and other testing, do we pay out of pocket or is it covered?
Thank you

#8 ultagirl

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Posted 27 January 2021 - 11:58 AM

Hi I did recurrent miscarriage test and ERA biopsy last month. They are pay out of pocket. The miscarriage test has bunch of tests and immunity was one of them not sure if that is the same immunity test. Anyways ERA cost me $1,200 and recurrent miscarriage blood test was $600 so total $2000 for those two tests

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