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PGS with IVF

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#1 honeybaby090587

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Posted 31 December 2018 - 12:53 PM

Hello All, any has experience getting PGS done during IVF in Singapore, Australia?

My dear husband's semen analysis reported oligoasthenoteratozoospermia with very low sperm count. Chromosome Y deletion test was done and was diagnosed with Y chromosome deletion (complete deletion of AZFc) which is the reason for bad sperm quality. No other Chromosomal abnormalities were detected in DNA test. IVF with ICSI is the only option but if we end with a boy, Y chromosome deletion will be inherited which means all sons will have same problem and we dont want to pass on this problem to our next generation. PGS/PGD test can be done to diagnose any genetic diseases in the embryo or check for chromsome imbalance (these tests will also have have gender information of the embryo). I have an option to get IVF done in either of India, Singapore or Australia and I understand PGS/PGD is allowed in these countries only if there are genetic issues. Could you please help me clarify below questions with respect to country specific law or your experience in general.

1. Is Y Chromosome deletion considered as genetic issue and will they allow us to do PGD/PGS done during IVF?
2. Since this genetic issue is gender specific, will they allow disclosing of gender of the embryo and allow implanting only girl embryo?

If anyone got any experience with getting PGS done in Singapore, Australia or India, please share. Any information will be helpful.

Thanks in advance

#2 happyfrog

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Posted 19 May 2020 - 02:40 PM

From what I have read PGS NGS is allowed in many countries in case of genetics issues. However, some countries, such as Russia or Ukraine also allow PGS NGS for sex selection for family balancing.