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How Instagram has helped me

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#1 CamillaLar

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Posted 28 December 2018 - 11:46 AM

Hi! How are you doing? I guess you are busy with different pleasant holiday preparations! 
 I think, I must share the story that perhaps changes everything in my life.  So, let’s go… I was not an active user of social media. I’m not very good at managing my accounts on Face-B or Tweeter. Once upon a time, my husband’s nephew visited us (It was August 2017) I like this guy but he never stops surfing Internet, he’s always and fully in his damned gadgets. I believe that is the familiar situation when you are sitting at a table and want to communicate but you are watching the striking eyes on the phone instead. 
-why don’t you make children? – he asked
-We can’t, that’s the problem. Are you like that lady blogger? 
-Probably I am, the problem is that I don’t know who you mean.
Nephew has showed me her Instagram page. Fantastic! I can’t say she has the same problem as I do. She failed several IVF rounds but keeps wonderful attitude and sense of humor. There are very hilarious posts on her channel. I guess such attitude also has the right to live. I can give the link if it’s allowed here and you want me to. Very hilarious! 
Then, I’ve dove into publications of another blogger. It was an appealing woman with a baby. A half of her publications are dedicated to telling about her surrogacy experience.  She described her feelings and I found myself in them: devastating, disappointment, fear. You can see her story has impressed me. I imagined that this is my happy life with a healthy baby. everything has to be so eventually. I have drawn inspiration from this story. I pointed it out to my husband. He took it skeptically, as usual.  Erik refused my proposal. 
I knew he was afraid of wasting time. I feel when he is scared. It was that situation. 
In fact, I never obey his refusals. A woman should know that every man’s ‘no’ exists to become ‘yes’ one day. I wrote to that blogger through direct. I just expressed my respect and admiration, told my story short. She replied in 4 days.  It was cool, she said I could contact some clinics to have consultation for free. This way my story began. 
Ladies, I will be happy to read whether you follow any blogger or not.  If you have same experience, please share it. Accept my sincere congratulations on coming New 2019 Year! Leave all the bad things behind in a past! Lot of love to you!

#2 Aimeehug

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Posted 29 December 2018 - 02:32 PM

Which bloggers do you follow? I follow hilariously infertile on insta, and theres some good jokes on there.
Im currently in waiting period, waiting till I can start my first FET, so Im bored and looking for new things to do/follow.

me: 34 DH: 35 TTC since: Sep 2015


Jan 2018- Lap for Endo, and septum removal surgery

Mar-Aug 2018- 3 failed IUIs

Nov 2018- my very first ever positive. 

Dec 19 2018- confirmed loss. at 5 weeks. cry.gif

Feb. 2019- preparing for first FET. Let's do this!

March 13, 2019- Transfer date for FET #1

March 18, 2019- turned 34 and got a squinter 5dp5dt.

March 22, 2019- Positive Beta! 

April 8, 2019- 1st ultrasound. all good except a small SCH.