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Advice for next steps

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#1 SillyBilly

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Posted 24 November 2018 - 12:12 PM

We just finished our first medicated IUI (7 days of Gonal-F, 50 IU, followed by Ovidrel 250 IU; one 17 mm follicle at trigger with 10mm lining) and it was a failure.  The clinic called yesterday with a negative and my period started first thing this morning.  I have a regular cycle, ovulate, clear tubes, no problems other than being 37, but my husband has a very low sperm count (it has been as low as <1 million, but it was 7 million for the IUI), and slightly below average motility and morphology.  He's 31 and otherwise super healthy.  Our clinic won't let us do back-to-back medicated IUIs, so I'm wondering if I should: a) do an unmedicated IUI this cycle B) just wait for IVF (it'll be a around April-June, but I'll be 38 by then) or c) do a medicated IUI with an American clinic (does anyone have any experience with American fertility clinics?)  


Thank you, and good luck to everyone!

#2 Rach357113

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Posted 24 November 2018 - 01:01 PM

Honestly, you should do what your gut tells you to do. If you don't and you don't get a positive result you will end up blaming yourself.


Also, just a little insight into American Clinics. It may take a few months to get your appt of initial consultation(My RE had a 5-month wait) so you wouldn't be able to do a back to back cycle anyway. By all means, make the appt but while you're waiting, it can't hurt to do the unmedicated cycle with your clinic in Canada. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned most of the time. I was all set for a transfer in June. Had my plan of action appt with my RE and then had to wait for AF to arrive. Then I had to wait until 3 weeks into that cycle for a sonohystagram(this was purely due to the RE's schedule, I was so mad). They found polyps and scheduled a D&C a week or so later. Only after that could I start my transfer cycle, in the end, we didn't transfer until Sept 13th. 

Me: 33 DH: 32

DX: Me: PCOS, DH:Vasectomy


IVF#1 Feb 2018


         Feb 22nd - ER - 14 retrieved, 10 fertilized

         Feb 28th - 6 biopsied and frozen

         Mar 06th - PGS results - 5 Normal, 1 inconclusive(sample didn't have enough DNA matter to test)

         May 15th - Had surgery to remove fibroids.



        Sept 6th - Lining check(8mm) and Bloods (E2=405, P4=<1) All good smile.png

        Sept 13th - FET

        Sept 24th - Beta      - 11dp5dt - th_abfp.gif  HCG=185

        Sept 27th - Beta #2 - 14dp5dt -                HCG=633

        Oct 1st     - Beta #3 - 18dp5dt -                HCG=3,528 

        Oct 4th     - Beta #4 -  21dp5dt -               HCG=6,857

        Oct 8th     - Beta #5 -  25dp5dt -               HCG=13,442

        Oct 11th   - U/S #1   -  28dp5dt -               Calendar=6wk 5dys - GA=6wk 3dys - FHR=127bpm yahoo.gif preggo.gif

        Oct 23rd   -U/S #2   -  40dp5dt -               Calendar=8wk 3dys - GA=8wk 2dys - FHR=176bpm

        Nov 8th    - U/S#3   -   56dp5dt -               Calender=10wk 5dys - GA=10wk 3dys - FHR=180bpm

        Nov 26th  - O/B appt  - Everything went great and little bean is on track!

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