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Got IVF call this week!

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#1 babybabydust

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Posted 22 September 2018 - 05:34 PM

I just got a call from my clinic a few days ago that we are now up to the top of the wait list and they wanted me to sign consents to start IVF process in November.  They want me to call on my day 1.


So I thought we were getting a meeting with Dr to go over what the plan was to talk about meds and how things worked before starting but that doesn't seem to be the case.


Any insight would be great.


If I call in November on my day one, how soon after do we start things, how long is the process?  I am so overwhelmed suddenly.


I only went on the wait list in August so I thought it would be a few more months til I got the call so feeling a little not ready

Me:40  DH: 42


PCOS, one blocked tube.

Currently in IVF cycle


#2 JIC

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Posted 22 September 2018 - 06:13 PM

Babybabydust - depending on clinic and situation you might have a mock cycle otherwise otherwise you start right away.
My monitoring and meds started day 3. U/s on day 3, 10,12 and then as needed.
Good luck and lots of baby dust

Nov 2016 Feb 2017 4 failed iui

Mar 2017 IVF 3 pgs abnormal embryos

Oct 2017 IVF 1 pgs normal embryo

Dec 2017 FET  6.5 mc

May 2018 Donor FET 5 week mc

Feb 2019 Donor FET 5.5 week mc


#3 schlepp

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Posted 24 September 2018 - 06:18 AM

You might find out they are putting you on the pill first. In which case they do a baseline monitoring and will discuss your med protocol with you, then you will go on the pill, then you stop it on a certain date and come back for more monitoring. At that point if everything is okay, you will start the stimulation part of cycling. 

(age 38) June 2016 IVF #1 antagonist, 13 mature eggs, 4 fertilized, 1 blast frozen

October 2016 FET #1 cancelled, thin lining

Changed clinics

(age 39) April 2017 FET #1.1 BFN

July 2017 partner has vasectomy reversal

Feb & March 2018 - Medicated IUI x2 - BFN (even with 7 mature follicles on the 2nd IUI)

(age 40) May 2018 IVF#2, lupron flare, 7 mature eggs, 5 fertilized, 1 blast & 1 morula fresh transfer, BFN. 1 low quality blast frozen

June 2018 IVF#3 mini stim, 1 egg, immature

Sept/Oct 2018 IVF#4 antagonist with HGH - CANCELLED due to high estrogen/29mm cyst

Oct 2018 IVF#4.1 antagonist with HGH - 7 eggs, all mature, 6 fertilized, 2 blasts on day 6, PGS tested/euploid

November 2018 FET #2 w/immune protocol and 1 PGS tested -  BFN

Locus Medicus testing for virus, bacteria and immune issues. Husband treated.

(age 41) April 2019 IVF#5 converted to IUI#3 due to follicle growth. BFP 12 day post IUI. Di/Di twins.

Dec 17 2019 - Baby boy and girl born at 36 weeks + 2 days. Everyone very healthy. 


See my 'about me' page for more detail on my treatment history.

#4 Wannabemommy38

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Posted 26 September 2018 - 02:55 PM


I just did a cycle. Mine was modified natural but it would depend on ur specific cycle. Mine was wait list for almost 6 months but I personally delayed it because of work issues (too much stress in my life). I took up a less demanding job and felt much happier in my life when I did this.

The process really starts with ur email to them on day 1. So assuming in oct period, u will email them this in October.
After that, (in oct) , You book the education session where they will go over everything. Ur doc already has decided your protocol after ur medical exams etc..
They will go over all the medication details, and start monitoring on day 2 of ur next period in November.

The process is pretty fast, you get email with daily instructions of blood work and ultra sound.

Then u do ur egg retrieval on designated day. and then u wait for all the embryo growth and testing ..

I took the week off work for monitoring as I wanted less stress in my body..

#5 Wannabemommy38

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Posted 26 September 2018 - 02:57 PM

Oh and just wanted to add - I did get 1 egg and it fertilized and day 3 looking good. I only had 1 and it was my natural egg which my body would have released!

#6 Jazabell

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Posted 29 September 2018 - 01:57 PM

That's great news babybabydust! Good luck with your cycle. :)

May I ask what clinic you are with? I'm with OFC and the wait is 12-14 months for funded.

#7 BabyDustandDreams

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Posted 30 September 2018 - 04:44 PM

Oh and just wanted to add - I did get 1 egg and it fertilized and day 3 looking good. I only had 1 and it was my natural egg which my body would have released!

Hey Wannabe - it seems you and I are quite similar.  I did my first cycle in May and did a long protocol (antagonist) and ended up with 3 follys and 2 collected.  Both put in on day 3 and neither implanted.  Likely aneuploid.  I am going round 2 in November, we are the same age.  I am suprised that you did a natural cycle as a first cycle... was it the flare protocol?  Did you take any supplements, saizen HGH, DHEA or ova boost before hand?  What does your RE think your next cycle will look like?  Best of luck! 

Me: 32  38
DH: 35 41
TTC: 10 Years

I wish that I could cohesively list all the dates of all the stuff that has gone on with this fertility struggle, but I cant remember the dates, but here is a list ... which should give you the gist.

2 years, TTC naturally BFN all of the time!
1 year ago we go on Clomid, on the third month BFP! - chemical pregnancy 4wks
Clomid again, BFP - ectopic treated with Methotrexate (sad day)
Clomid again BFP - chemical 5wks
Sonohystogram - all is ok, DH is checked - he's fine too - no explanation

6 months later

August, Clomid BFP!
Beta doubelling, YES!
5 wk u/s no gestational sac anywhere
6wk u/s same as above
7wk u/s same again, FS suggests Methotrexate based on my past history, we decide we are going to wait another 48 hours to confirm as u/s cannot see sac though also cannot see anything in tubes etc and we are hopeful that dates are slightly early, we really want this baby so we decide to wait it out.
48 hours later in the shower, tube ruptures - off to Emerg
u/s - heart beat in my (tears and unbelievable sadness)
Surgery to remove - Dr tells me after that he took my r.ovary as well as my tube was fused to my ovary with scar tissue.
Dr runs die through left tube to check its open..... blocked!

Awaiting referral to Mt. Sinai for 3 OHIP covered rounds of IVF.

Referral to Mt.Sinai October 17th (got the phone call in about a week from the time i sent the referral) !!


UPDATE ** at the time in 2015, mt sinai declined me for funded IVF I was 35 but I was too heavy, at about 350lbs.  Dr Greenblatt asked me to loose 100lbs.  Cue depression eating and fast forward 3 years, now weighing 400lbs.  


In March 2017 I had Gastic Bypass surgery and went from 388 to 205.


Started first funded cycle of IVF May 2018

Antagonist long protocol - estrace priming, gonal F, menopur, ganirelix - I ended up injecting myself for 18 days in total, at the very highest doses of all these meds.  I ended up with 3 follicles measuring 2.1, 1.9 and 1.7 before trigger.  On ER, they took out 2 mature oocytes.  They both fertilized over night and by day three, they were 8 cell and 10 cell, looking very good.  The dr's did a day 3 transfer of both, neither implanted.  Likely because they were aneuploid (abnormal).


I took a few months off to gather $15,000 for another fresh cycle that includes drugs etc... Dr Greenblatt will do a flare protocol (minimal drugs) this time and aim for quality over quantity.  Though, with one ovary and being 38 there is no fear of quantity ha ha.  I have been taking DHEA, and OVA boost in hopes to help my quality.. Also Co q 10 and multi vitamins.

It is Sept 29th and I am due to call in my day one any day.  I understand that I will do birth control priming with this cycle.  Wish me luck ladies.... If this doesnt work we will go onto donor egs. xo