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Nausea worse

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Posted 09 September 2018 - 08:07 PM

I was hoping to never have to write another question in this section but sadly I need to.
TMI following
Two days ago I started to bleed. Basically a liner an hour. I was told it was not a lot of blood(to me it was) with 2 large clots. At first my re though sch hemerrage. When I went for an ultrasound the sac was seen but at 5w not much can be seen in general. I then got my hcg results which had a massive decrease in 48 hours. I do still need to go for a followup ultrasound but based on hcg results noone is expecting positive news. I have continued to spot (now mostly brown) for the last 2 days. I can go all day with a single pad without issue if I wanted.
I am still on preogesterone and estrace so I figure that is why I havent miscarried completely yet but I have found today that I am far more nauseas then before and have little appetite. I was 8 weeks last time when I miscarried and had lost all pregnancy symptons prior to even knowing there was an issue. I really hope I

Anyone else get worsening nausea while waiting for actual miscarriage? Miscarrying is bad enough but getting additional side effects just isnt fair

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