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Hi, I'm a NEWBIE...

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Posted 01 March 2005 - 06:55 PM

Hello everyone

I'm Nora and so far I've had 2 unsuccesful IUI's. I am 38 yrs old soon to be 39 and I'm starting to get anxious. I don't know if I should continue with IUI or give IVF a try. Through my work I have benefits with Great West Life but even $5,000 sounds like a lot. What is the probability of success with IVF versus IUI??

regards, and will be looking forward to your replies


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Posted 01 March 2005 - 09:21 PM

Hi Norah,

Btw, I am 36, we (me & DH) had 2 unsuccesful IUIs.
We did not know if the eggies and sperm met or did fertization take place, thus we decided to proceed with IVF. Your decision should also take into account what was diagnosed. We were diagnosed as unexplained infertility, thus i went for IUI first.

If mf infertility, IVF/ICSI should be the way to go.

I guess, your clinic should be able to give you the best advice.

You should link up with Sarah who is also your age group and starting IVF.

All the best to you. :banana:


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Posted 02 March 2005 - 09:16 AM

Hi Nora!
My DH & I made the decision to go with IVF a couple of months ago....and then we met with our RE & he recommended we switch to IVF too (it was great to hear we were on the same page!).

We had 2 failed IUI's and 1 cancelled IUI. We have unexplained fertility (I'm 34 & my DH is 36). Basically my DH and I have 'passed' all the tests and the two IUI's went as well as one could hope. As you likely know they recommend 3 to 4 IUI's (after that that chance of success drops considerably)....but we have decided to jump to IVF a bit early. Here's why it makes sense for us.

IVF will enable us for the first time to see if the sperm can penetrate the egg as well as egg quality. Frankly it's two unknowns I want to know. And because my drug coverage is limited I'd rather commit the $'s to IVF than another round of IUI (even though the fee for the IVF procedure is much higher). If everything looks great during IVF but it doesn't result in a pregnancy maybe I'll go back to IUI.....but at least IVF will answer some questions....and increase my odds of a live birth to 40+%.

Talk to you're RE. Understand what may be causing you're infertitiliy. Read alot. And then decide how you want to spend your $'s & of course consider the emotional stress of each treatment.
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