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Conceptia wait times?

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#1 caper-dj

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Posted 26 July 2018 - 05:27 PM



New member here! :)


I am currently on the wait list for AART in Halifax. I have been on this list for four months now, and as of June 2018, they cannot guarantee me an appointment...nothing until September or November at the latest.


I'm 37 years old and time is ticking. So I started looking into other fertility clinics in the Maritimes. I am located in Cape Breton, NS, so my options are limited.


Does anyone know if Conceptia has a long wait list (or a wait list at all?) for an initial consult? I emailed them, but have not heard back yet.


My sister had success twice with AART and has two beautiful kids, so I am nervous to go elsewhere. Their website says they have high success rates, but no actual numbers or percentages that I could find.


Any advice, reviews of either ART or encouragement would be greatly appreciated! This wait is wearing me out. ;) Thanks!

#2 Amber112

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Posted 29 July 2018 - 11:32 AM

I started to reply here but then realized you were the same person I just replied to on the AART thread! As I mentioned there we got referrals to both AART (quoted a 6-8 month wait) and Conceptia (quoted a 6-8 week wait) but ended up getting into AART first after waiting 6.5 months. I was a little put off that the quoted wait time at Conceptia was SO FAR off what they told me it would be but still feel it was worth sending the referral to them and I'm sure they're a good clinic.


AART was our preference because we figured if we needed to go the IVF route we could stay with my sister who lives in Halifax. But we reasoned if we were able to get into Conceptia faster, at least we could get some answers and maybe our problem would be an easy fix and the shorter drive to Moncton would be nice too! Unfortunately it wasn't an easy fix and now we're waiting to start IVF :( so I guess it all worked out well that we got into AART anyway.


You should definitely send referrals to both clinics, if you ended up getting into Conceptia first you could go talk to them and see what they have to say but you don't necessarily have to start treatment. You could even consult with both and then pick one. Best of luck!

#3 caper-dj

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Posted 29 July 2018 - 02:21 PM

LOL, yes, I was panicking a bit that night I posted (I was told that this wait is abnormally long). This process have been difficult on the nerves!


I still haven't heard anything from Conceptia, so I will give them a call tomorrow. I think I will take your advice and stick with both :) Thanks again for your help Amber

#4 Bird

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Posted 24 August 2018 - 09:37 AM

OK! So, I went from AART to Conceptia and have info!


  • Getting into AART can take anywhere from 6 - 10 months. If you have called and they can't give you an appointment yet, that means it still 4 months out. AART can only schedule up to 4 months in advance. So if you call and there is no room for you, it means that there is no room for you in the next four months. For me, I got a referral in August 2015 and got in to see the doctor Jan 2016 at AART. Wait times have gotten considerably longer since then. 
  • I put my referral in for Conceptia in late February 2018 and ended up getting an appointment August 31, 2018 (that got pushed out to September 6, 2018). I have spoken with other patients at Conceptia on the Facebook group, and it seems that Conceptia triages referrals and bring people close to 40 before younger patients (I was 30 at my referral). I ended up calling Conceptia in May and was able to schedule my consultation for August. So if you haven't called Conceptia, it might be good to give that a go!

There are a bunch of things you can do ahead of time if you have a GP or a Gyno in Cape Brenton. 

  • For AART you need CD 3 testing and a semen analysis if you don't plan on asking for IVF right away. You can find information here
  • For AART they will require a clear HSG that was performed at least 3 years ago. So, if you think, due to your age, that you will want to escalate to IUI or IVF immediately, you can save yourself a considerable amount of time if you can get an HSG before your consult with AART. 
  • For Conceptia, you need CD 3, 8 and 21-day testing, a pap, and an HSG. You can find more information here: https://www.concepti...equest_2018.pdf
  • Note: Getting your AMH tested in NS is a hassle. You need to get prior authorization from the lab for it, which means you need to get your GP to coordinate with the lab for that prior preapproval, then you need to go to the hospital to pay for the bloodwork, then your blood gets taken and tested. AMH workups can take up to 2 months to process in NS, so this is something that is good to jump on right away. 

If you have long or painful periods, then if you can get your GP to schedule a lap to look for endo, and remove it, then that will again save you some significant time. This one is much harder to swing and takes a somewhat ambitious GP. 


Getting this information means that when you do get your consult somewhere, the fertility doctor will have enough information to actually talk about treatment plans and not order new investigations. Well, if they do order new investigations it will be much more specific and not general.  


It is also worth noting that based on some of the other threads on this board that AART has BMI limits to access IVF or IUI. So, it is good to know your BMI to see if waiting for AART is a viable option for you. 


Some unsolicited advice:

  • AART is considerably more money than Conceptia for similar treatments. 
  • AART has many more specialised services than Conceptia. AART has facilities for PGS or PGD testing, if required, where this is not an option at Conceptia. However, these services are mega money (10 000+), and for the everyday treatments for IVF, Conceptia and AART are about equal in the services they offer, just Conceptia offers them for less money. 
  • AART is more difficult to communicate with, in my opinion. Its harder to AART on the phone than Conceptia. 
  • Conceptia is a 1 doc shop. So when the doctor needs unexpected time off, there is no one to take his patients. AART has multiple doctors, so that happens less often. 
  • At AART I felt like I was in a factory. There was very little specialised care, I had to fit into a treatment protocol, there was no customizing the protocol to fit my requests or specific needs. AART says that this is because these rigid protocols have been shown effective, so they don't like to stray too far from it. 
  • Conceptia has much better-rated doctor than the doctors at AART. Look at Dr. Linda Hamiltons Rate My MD page. It's horrific what some of the people have said about their experiences with her. 

Another option that you may be interested in:


Depending on where you are in your diagnosis, another option is other clinics in Canada or USA. So, if you have people you can stay with in Calgary, Calgary is an amazing clinic. If you can get your GP to do the CD 3, 8, 21 testing, a pap, and an HSG, then there is no waiting time for IVF at the Calgary clinic. Another good option is CNY Fertility in New York State. There is a clinic in Buffalo, that is very close to the Canadian border. CNY is a good option since it is CHEAP (5800 CAD for an IVF round) and has zero wait times. They will also work closely with your GP to get many of these tests completed before you travel for the procedure.