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Not sure what to do

single mom ivf donor eggs

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#1 HeatherDR

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Posted 24 June 2018 - 03:21 PM

I'm a bit lost. Two years ago I made an appointment with Ottawa Fertility Clinic to get tested and hopefully move forward with IUI's. I'm a single mom to one and was hoping to add to my family. I started second guessing myself, and basically never followed through with all the testing. I was 41 then. Now I am 43 and I think my options are much more limited. My cycles are very irregular, based on my BBT I don't think I am ovulating very often, and I am sure by the time I would get in for a consult, get all the tests done, and be able to do an IUI, if they even would, I'd be 44! And the odds of it working are like 2%, even IVF is really low. 


I think my options are IVF or moving to donor eggs. Both are rather expensive options. I am having a hard time letting go of my dream to grow my family. But I don't have $30K+ to do this. I am just not sure what to do, how to move forward. I have been looking at clinics in the US that seem to be a bit less than doing it here, or going to Greece or Mexico. Or perhaps I need to just move to adoption, but I know even less about that! I guess that I need to get another referral to OFC. Do I need that if I decide to move forward with a clinic in the US or overseas? I suppose if I can get some of the tests done here it's covered by OHIP. But for donor eggs do I need all the same tests? Do I have to do IVF with my own eggs before going to donor? I had called and spoken to someone at OFC and they said if I indicated I was going to do donor eggs it would be faster to get in. Why is it so hard to let go of this? 


I'm not even sure what I'm asking for. I guess some guidance on what to do next, at my age. 

#2 choicemom2be

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Posted 24 June 2018 - 08:35 PM

I don't know how much help I can be but I would say don't bother with iui at this stage. I imagine most places will tell you to go straight to donor egs if you want the best chance of success.
As hard as it may be I would recommend looking into ivf with your own eggs and donor eggs and testing at Ottawa clinic as well as clinics abroad if you want cheaper options. When the clinic do their tests they will be able to tell you if your own eggs will be a good option based on your ovarian reserve. it also cant hurt looking into what you would need to do to start the adoption process. This way you will have all of your options layed out and will be better able to make a decision about whats best for you. good luck and baby dust!
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#3 Tararara

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Posted 25 June 2018 - 07:47 AM

My husband and I have been together for 15 years, but only recently got married, that’s when we really started trying and noticing we weren’t getting pregnant after so long. We went to a fertility clinic and found out I had a fibroid with a mild case of PCOS and he had a low sperm count. We also underwent some medication which led us to nothing. The fertility specialist told us that IVF might help us to get desirable pregnancy. But he didn’t guarantee a quick and positive result at once. We understood that it might be more than one IVF treatment. We decided that I would undergo one round of IVF procedure because we couldn’t afford more. As a result, my first and only round was failed. It was the hardest moment for us. We both decided that we should save up more money and tried again. When we were ready. It was agreed to undergo IVF treatment somewhere abroad. We decided that biotecom would be the best option. The price there is quite ok (5 IVFs for around 30k euros) + a lot of positive feedback. Honestly it was hard because we failed 3 rounds. And I thought that we would never become parents. But…..We decided to overcome infertility. And everything worked) I got pregnant and delivered strong and lovely boy. I want to say…never give up and the God gives you desirable baby.

#4 36andwantbabynumber2

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Posted 25 June 2018 - 08:11 AM

Not sure where abouts you live but I know when we looked into adoption, they said very had to get a child under two and that most families pick someone who doesnt already have kids for babies. Also I know it can take years to get the pride training funded and on the to adopt list.

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