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Implantation failed again, and after around 2 weeks again. Any possible explaination and suggestion?

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Posted 16 June 2018 - 12:49 PM

I just finished my second Implantation, and again failed after around 2 weeks. Here are the same factors for my 1st and 2nd Implantation process:


-Both were days 3 frozen embryo since I could only got 3 embryo and doctor suggested not tried to get to days 5, so frozen after days 3.

-after few days of put in embryo, I felt breasts pain, breast felt very tight, much stronger sense of smell, very tired, cannot walk at normal speed, always want to sleep. I got Montgomery glands when it was closed to 2 weeks. Random pain around stomach areas, a spot had pain more frequency.

-For my second implantation, At around 2 weeks I had a pretty strong stomach pain at a evening, then that whole night I couldn't sleep with sweat kept coming out. Then next day I lost most of the symptoms especially breast not painful and tight anymore.

-Both pregnancy test failed.

-For the period after my second Implantation, I felt pretty painful at stomach sometimes.


It seem like I had stronger reaction for 2nd Implantation and felt like Implantation did occur.


I talked with my doctor and he believed both my 1st and 2d failed because my body rejected it. It could be genetic issue of the embryos.


The assumption is the 3rd embryo may has the same genetic issue too, so I don't think I would try to have


Implantation with the 3rd embryo. It is sad but I don't have a choice. If the 3rd one also has genetic problem but it becomes a baby, it would be a painful life for the baby.


Do you think if I do the whole IVF process again would have a better result? I have been stopped working for months to prepare for the 2nd Implantation. For the IVF and 1st Implantation, I was working and didn't like my job at all, it affected my emotion and body health a lot. I am not working now and should do the whole IVF process again, but honestly I really worry the same kind of result again after all the effect. If I am lucky enough to be pregnant, I would stop working until baby comes out.


It was painful to have 2 times Implantation fail, especially the first time.


Any suggestion for me?


Thanks for reading and your sharing.

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