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Low count still ok?

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Posted 11 May 2018 - 08:03 AM

I will be starting my first and probably only IVF cycle in June. 

My DH had a vasectomy in his previous life and well the doctors suggested we do a trail run to see if they can aspirate sperm from him.  

During his procedure the urologist said they collected a good but not great sample. 

I was over the moon. 


Fast forward to the follow up appointment to talk about setting up our cycle.  My dr tells me that they collected nothing out of the left testicle and out of the right they collected enough to freeze 2 straws.  

They observed very few cells with twitching tails. ??

Sooo does that mean they can't be used? I'm confused.

Also is thawing the same was observed very few cells with only twitching tails.  Some movement has got to be better than none.  


I am just really worried now that come egg retrieval day I will have a boat load of eggs and they are going to tell me that they can't use his sperm. 


We have alreay begun a supplement regimn and small lifestyle changes.  


Hoping and praying for this little babe to come!!