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My experiences at AART

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Posted 09 March 2018 - 02:24 PM

There seems to be some confusion on what is allowed on this forum in regards to my opinion on the AART clinic. 


To me, my experiences at AART were negative because this following series of events occurred. I hope that this meets guidelines:


  1. I was referred to AART with abnormal tests results from my GP -- the GP ordered semen test showed irregular semen results. I had suspected PCOS after 15 months of TTC.  
  2. I was under the case of AART from Jan 2016 to October 2017 encouraged to try naturally while losing weight. No further treatments were ordered,  like Clomid, or tests performed like a Semen Analysis (the paid test routinely ordered to clarify previous results or to determine if sperm are viable in other regards), or internal ultrasound. 
  3. A Semen Analysis was ordered once I strongly insisted for it to be ordered October 2017. 
  4. The SA showed that it is impossible for my husband and I to conceive naturally, and were referred to IVF + ICSI based solely on the results of the SA.
  5. RE referred me to a specialist to lose weight in October. While with referring physician, I informed him that I was there to get to a BMI that would permit me to receive IVF from AART.
  6. Referring Physician read aloud to me the reason for referral included by AART doctor. It stated in the referral that I wanted this consultation in order to be at my healthiest weight before becoming pregnant. This was not stated at any appointment with my RE. My strong preference was to try to become pregnant as young as possible, therefore as soon as possible. ​
  7. The referral did not mention that I was at this consultation adhere to the BMI policy at AART, and that I stated my strong preference to be pursuing IVF at any weight, including the weight I was when I was referred. 


My choice is to go to another clinic due to these experiences