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RPL treatment at PCRM


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#1 RamsBladderCup

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Posted 14 February 2018 - 07:35 PM

Hi Everyone,


I am currently at the clinic at the Royal Alex and trying to decide where to go once the clinic closes at the end of this month. I have embryos left and just need to do transfers.


I am dealing mainly with MFI, but I have now had 2 failed transfers with 4AA PGS normal embryos. I spoke with someone at PCRM and they do not do ERAs or intralipids, but will do endometrial scratches. 


Has anyone here dealt with PCRM for RPL and had success? 


My other option is to continue treatment in Calgary.



#2 Casper

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Posted 15 February 2018 - 04:38 PM

Hi there,


I'm not sure who you spoke with at PCRM but am currently in my mock cycle for an ERA test!?!? I know for a fact they do them as I'm doing one next month! I was told they do not do endo scratches and that doing an ERA is like an endo scratch in itself. I'm currently with Dr Ahn. May I ask who your Dr is because I was given false info from another Dr about tests the clinic does and does not do...very frustrating!!


Anyways....so far my overall experience with PCRM has been positive,  but I did go through IVF in Calgary 3 years ago and was pregnant after the first IVF round.


The best of luck to you!!


#3 RamsBladderCup

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Posted 23 February 2018 - 04:53 PM

Thanks for your reply! And sorry it took so long for me to reply.


I haven't gotten to speak with a RE yet, I have just been dealing with the transfer team. I was with Dr. Daniel at the Royal Alex and would go back to her if I move to PCRM. Someone on the transfer team checked with a doctor about the ERA test and told me that they would do a scratch but not the ERA test - the opposite you were told! This is so confusing and frustrating. I guess I need to call them back again.......


Thanks so much and good luck to you too!

#4 cherbear

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Posted 24 February 2018 - 12:19 AM

RamsBladderCup - I am with PCRM in Vancouver. Weve been with them from the beginning of our struggles back in 2013. I struggle with a thin lining. We had one successful pregnancy from a fresh cycle back in 2014, and since then have had nothing but BFNs, miscarriages, and chemicals. I just had a follow-up with Dr Seethram this morning and the first test he offered me was an ERA. I have requested an endo scratch in the past and been denied. So, I agree with Casper. I think whoever you spoke to had their wires crossed. They definitely offer ERA, but not too keen on endo scratches.

Me: 37 DH: 35
Dec 2005 - ectopic #1 in right tube (lap surgery, tube saved)
Actively TTC since May 2012
March 2013 - ectopic #2 in right tube (treated with MTX)
July 2013 - HSG revealed left tube completely blocked, right tube open, uterine scarring
Oct 2013 - hysteroscopy and exploratory lap surgery. Scar tissue removed from uterus.

IVF #1
Nov 13th 2013 - Dec 19th 2013 - suppression with BCP (Marvelon)Dec 24th 2013 - start 200 IU Puregon + 75 IU Menopur
Jan 4 2014 - ER (25 eggs, 23 mature, 15 fertilized)
Jan 9 2014 - ET (transferred 2 beautiful 5-day blasts - 4AA and 3AA) 3 frosties remaining
Jan 15 2014 - BFP!!!! th_abfp.gif
Jan 18 - Beta #1 @ 9dp5dt = 210, Jan 20 - Beta #2 @ 11dp5dt = 534!!! A baby is on the way!! yahoo.gif EDD Sept 27 2014
Sept 22nd 2014 - Myles David was born @ 3:27 am babyboy.gif We are so in love with this little boy! heart.gif

Sept 2015 - Surprise BFP = early miscarriage at about 5 weeks sad.png
Nov 2015 - BFP - no heartbeat at 8 week u/s icon_cry.gifSuspected molar pregnancy (22/12/15);Jan 2016 - 2 unsuccessful rounds of misoprostal - D&C required; April 2016 - repeat D&C for retained products - Pathology and cytogenetics confirmed a partial molar pregnancy. Oncologist advised waiting 6 months before TTC again.  


FET #1
Sept/Oct 2016 - Mock cycle (Estrace) = FAIL! Lining maxed out at 4.5mm
Oct/Nov 2016 - Natural cycle = FAIL!  Lining 4.2mm
Nov/Dec 2016 - Estradot Patch cycle - Come on lining!!! eusa_wall.gif

Transferred 2 beautiful blasts Dec 12/2016 -th_abfp.gif!! Ultrasound #1 Jan 17/17 @ 7w5d one baby with a HR 137 heart.gif EDD - August 30 2017.

Follow-up ultrasound at 9 weeks - Baby's heart has stopped beating icon_cry.gif



Transferred our last remaining embryo on May 12/17 - th_abfn.gif..... back to the drawing board sad.png


IVF#2 (with ICSI)

Dec 2017 - 35 eggs retrieved, 28 fertilized. Freeze-all due to OHSS wacko.png - 14 great quality embryos frozen 


FET#3 - low-dose stim cycle due to stubborn lining. Jan 29/18 - transferred 2 4AA blasts - th_abfp.gif - ended in a chemical icon_cry.gif

#5 RamsBladderCup

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Posted 26 February 2018 - 05:30 PM

Thanks Cherbear for the info. This is great news and helps me feel more comfortable with transferring to PCRM. Good luck!

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