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Anyone here under Dr Hilton at pcrm edmonton

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#1 Kulixz

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Posted 09 November 2017 - 11:01 AM

Anyone here under Dr Hilton at pcrm edmonton?
interested to know about your experience with her.

#2 jiro27

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Posted 13 November 2017 - 12:18 PM

Hi Kulixz. She did my SHG. She was pleasant and the procedure went really well. I was actually afraid of getting the SHG because of what I heard from other ladies who had them so I was expecting that it will hurt but Dr. Hilton did an amazing job. Then when she found the polyp, she discussed about the surgery, etc. 

#3 Cerejanebellum

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Posted 16 November 2017 - 05:26 PM

Hi there.. I had Dr. Hilton at PCRM in Burnaby a couple of times... I suspect they were kind of "interviewing" her or she was acting as a locum or something. She also did my SHG. I remember thinking that she was a little bit unsure of what the best plan was when she did my monitoring appt for one of my IUIs... whereas I always find Dr. Roberts to be extremely decisive. That being said, I felt she put a lot of thought into the decision and explained her rationale. Like the previous responder, I also found her technique and approach to the SHG excellent. 


Me: 37, overweight, endometriosis, ?adenomyosis;  DH: 38, low morphology

July 2014 Started trying after many years of painful, irregular periods

Oct 2014 Referred to OB/Gyne as periods getting worse 

Nov 2014 - HSG, no problems seen with tubes

Jan- June 2015: Clomid BFN, 6 rounds of Letrozole, all BFNs


July 2015 - Referred to PCRM, told to lose weight, told "probably not" PCOS 

Aug 2016 - IUI BFN 

Sept 2016- IUI BFN

Nov 2016 - IUI BFN  th_agrr.gif


Feb 2017- 6 eggs retrieved (none from inaccessible left ovary), 5 fertilized, 5 blasts sent for PGS testing, 1 normal 

Aug 2017 - referred to BC Women's by GP for pain, diagnosed with Endo stage 4, probably adenomyosis

Sept 2017 - started Lupron depot shots - FET scheduled for Jan 2018!! 

Jan 2018 - delayed start as lining grew despite being on lupron. Provera and OCP. 

March 2 2018- FET of single euploid embryo

BFP March 7 th_abfp.gif  beta March 11: 204, beta March 13: 388, beta March 19: 5536, beta March 22: 7835 

March 28 2018 - U/S @ 6w3d strong heartbeat! 


#4 Mai

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Posted 17 November 2017 - 01:29 PM

I saw her briefly during one of my US in my IVF cycle. She was ok but probably my least favorite out of all the Drs I've seen there. She was really quiet and didn't say much to me during the procedure