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Pain post vasectomy reversal

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Posted 08 October 2017 - 07:22 AM

I know there are a few other members who have partners that tried the vasectomy reversal route. I've seen a few mention that their partners experienced some longer term pain from the reversal. 


My partner had his reversal just over two months ago and says for the last 4-5 weeks he has been having pain. We are going back to the surgeon next week but I'm wondering if anyone else can shed some light on how long this lasted for their partner. It is post-ejaculatory pain and has been so bad a few times that he has spent the day on the couch. This was my number 1 concern about doing the surgery. I wasn't so worried about if it would work as like, all IF related treatments, it is just % chance that you get. They gave us a 60% chance with this which was much higher than IVF (we already had a failed cycle) and a lot cheaper. I was concerned mainly about any long term impact to my partners health/well being. 


When I google the issue it just comes up with pain post vasectomy. Looks like it can cause prostatitis. We think maybe this is what he is experiencing after the reversal but hope to find out more next week. He had nothing like this when he got the vasectomy 13 years ago.


We still don't know if it worked but will do a semen analysis at the end of the month.


Would really appreciate anyone with experience with this sharing their story/outcome. Just on the pain front as that is my major worry.  Thanks in advance. 



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