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Seeking a family willing to donate their remaining frozen embryos

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Posted 30 August 2017 - 09:37 AM


Are you an IVF patient or ex-patient at a clinic in Montreal (or elsewhere in Canada) with stored frozen embryos that you no longer need as your family is already complete? You don’t want to destroy them, donate them to science or keep paying for their storage? Please, consider donating them to another family, such as mine!

We are patients at OVO and McGill without any frozen embryos left and, thus, we are looking for a family willing to donate theirs in order to expand our family. McGill doesn’t have an embryo donation program in place yet. We are in the waiting list at OVO Montreal, the only clinic that has an embryo donation program in Quebec as far as I know, so the waiting time is too long. Furthermore, if we get to the top of the list, and we have a child, there will be no relationship with the donor family as all donations through the clinic are anonymous, but we would prefer an open or semi-open relationship. However, there's no waiting time at OVO if we bring our own batch of embryos. 

My husband and I are 48 and 45, respectively. We live in Montreal, Quebec, and we have lived in many places before. Overall, we speak 5 languages. We are both scientists with a doctorate and stable full-time jobs. We have a 3 year old son thanks to oocyte donation, and a beautiful semi-open relationship with our donor and her family, so we would love to have the same kind of relationship with the donor family of our second child as well. 

Our journey to infertility is too long to describe here. In short, 4 years and many transfers of embryos produced with my own oocytes and 2 donors. When I finally got pregnant for the first time, I miscarried. The first FET worked, yay! We went for our 2 remaining embryos to give our son a brother or sister, but the first also ended in a miscarriage and the second was a negative.

I had a wonderful pregnancy and I am looking forward to repeating the experience. So we decided to take the embryo donation route. We hope to find a match here! If you ever consider donating your embryos, please take my family into account! Thank you for your time and do not hesitate to contact me!

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