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Thin Uterine Lining Issue

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#1 Shore555

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Posted 19 August 2017 - 09:44 AM

Hello all – I need some help please. I am having issues with trying to get my uterine lining thickened enough to go through with our first FET. Here is my story and everything we have tried so far:


Got pregnant naturally in March 2016, had miscarriage at 6-7 weeks and a D&C first week May 2016. I was told my uterus tilts backwards. We decided to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) in June 2016. I have a history of longer cycles, usually ovulated around days 23-27.


RE wanted to try IUI first, so in August I took Femara to help me ovulate but it did not work so RE cancelled the IUI. During multiple appts with the RE he had mentioned I had a thin lining.

We then decided to go straight to IVF. I had a hysteroscopy in September 2016 and the results were fine. I had the HSG dye test and my tubes were fine.


RE tried an estrogen priming protocol in November 2016 for IVF but I did not respond so he cancelled the cycle before I even started stim medications. In December, I went on birth control pills for 3 weeks. I got the green light to begin IVF in January 2017. I was on 2 vials of menopur and started on 300u of Gonal-F but after 3 days it was increased to 450u. I stimmed for a total of 11 days before triggering and retrieval. At time of retrieval in January, my lining was 6.9 – RE said this is the thickest he had seen me have. My estrogen was 2975. We did not do a fresh transfer b/c we were doing genetic testing, from which we have 2 normal embryos (results rec’d Feb).


When I got my March period I contacted the office. In April they put me on oral estrace (3mg twice a day) to try and thicken my lining. I was on that for a few weeks before he added ½ tab estrace vaginally twice a day, for about a week or longer. My lining never went above 3.8. At this time I was also taking trental twice a day, vitamin e twice a day, and baby aspirin at night. I had been doing acupuncture since November 2016.


In June, we tried low dose stims to increase my lining – 150u of Gonal-F. I was also taking the trental, vitamin e, and baby aspirin, and having acupuncture. My lining went to 5.9, estrogen was 4,000 and we had to stop b/c my follicles were huge.


In July my RE put me on 40mg of Tamoxifen for 5 days. I went for an US & blood work a week later, lining was 5. He brought me back another week later, follicle was only 7mm and lining 4.9. RE increased Tamoxifen to 80mg for 5 days. Went for blood work and US 4 days later – showed no follicles and thin lining. He brought me back 5 days later, lining 3.8, follicle only 11mm, estrogen was 77.  So he wants me to go back on this coming Monday, 8/21 for blood & US.

  • Does anyone have any ideas of what else could be tried to thicken my lining?
  • Has anyone does a transfer with high estrogen levels and lining of 5-6?
  • RE had mentioned estrogen patches with vaginal estrace but would that even work if the oral and vaginal didn’t work the first time?

The only good thing is that every US I have had showed that I have a good triple layer with my lining. It is just very upsetting that we have these 2 embryos and can’t go ahead with a transfer b/c of my thin lining. Thank you for any ideas.

#2 FMandAM

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Posted 15 November 2017 - 12:36 PM



I'm just stumbling across this post now. I don't have any ideas to offer unfortunately but I've also had multiple cycles cancelled due to a thin lining so I'm curious to know if you ever found a protocol that worked.


Fingers crossed you did and that you got your BFP!

DE IVF overseas in Jan 2017 = BFN with no frosties


DE IVF overseas in July 2017 = ET cancelled because of poor lining, DH went without me and we froze both blasts that made it to day 5.


Mock cycle in August 2017 = by George I think we've got it! Lining responded well to a new protocol, FET scheduled for September 2017.


FET overseas September 2017 = cancelled due to poor lining. This is getting really frustrating now. Change of protocol again.


FET overseas October 2017 = cancelled due to poor lining.


FET overseas November 2017 = tried doing a natural cycle FET but a surprise O on CD6 cancelled those plans.


FET overseas December 2017 = natural cycle FET cancelled, again due to an early O (CD10) and thin lining.


FET overseas January 2018 = cancelled due to a 31mm cyst on left ovary.


FET overseas March 2018 = lining reached 6.4mm on a combo of pentoxifylline, estradiol valerate injections and Estrace. Trilaminar so despite being a bit thin the doctor said let's go. Flew solo to the CR for the transfer and found out my lining had grown to 7.4mm between my last u/s and the transfer date! Woohoo, go me! BFN 12dp5dt.


FET overseas May 2018 = lining reached 6mm on low-dose Gonal-F and the doctor insisted on going ahead with the transfer, despite there being no dominant follicle yet so there was no chance I would ovulate. On transfer day my lining was a disappointing 7.1mm. Transferred our last frostie (5AB hatching blast) on May 25, BFN on 13dp5dt.


Nothing left in the freezer, the bank account or the emotional reserves; this is the end of the pregnancy road for us.

#3 Shireen1234

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Posted 01 August 2021 - 12:05 PM

Hello both! I am struggling with thin lining. I tried everything but my lining is still less than 5 mm. Just wanted to check if you found a protocol that worked?

#4 amazing grace

amazing grace
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Posted 18 August 2021 - 05:02 PM

I hope I am not to late to help. I had the same issues as you and also was put on tamaxofin which did nothing. What worked for me was the Estrogen patches. My protocol was 2mg of estrace vaginally 4x/day and estrogen patches. One for three days, change patch and add two for 7 days and repeat with two every 7 days. 

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