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What was your blastocysts grade that resulted in a BFP? Need some hope :(

FET BFP Blast Blastocyst Grade Grading Hope

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#1 christine.o

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Posted 03 August 2017 - 01:59 PM

I recently had my appointment after two failed FET's (1 4AA that was a BFN and 1 4AB that was a miscarriage which I am currently experiencing) and they told me that my very last blastocyst I have left, my last chance is only a 2BB 😭...I was devasted when I heard that. I'm looking for some hope from someone who transferred a lower grade blast and still got a BFP? I feel so defeated like it's not even worth it.

Me: 27 DH: 29

Trying for first baby for the both of us

#2 Jules013

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Posted 03 August 2017 - 06:51 PM

I just finished a donor cycle and unfortunately none of the embryos even made it to a blast stage. Things weren't looking great by day 3, so we transferred the two embryos that were at least still living...an 8-cell and a 7-cell. Our clinic doesn't do grading. Guess what...I'm pregnant...
Try to think positive thoughts.
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#3 ENF

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Posted 03 August 2017 - 11:36 PM

Our clinic rates embryos out of 5 with 1 being the best. Our 28 month old daughter was a grade 2 hatching blast but this pregnancy (18 weeks) was our worst quality embryo at a 3. It thawed out and improved to a 2 but we needed assisted hatching prior to transfer.

I wish you the best for your next transfer.
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Me - 37   DH - 45 (Paraplegic)   

FET planned for spring 2017


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Posted 04 August 2017 - 12:42 AM

Don't focus on the grading so much,as it's not an accurate indicator of success. I've seen so many bfns with textbook embryos and then miracles bfps with embryos that were nearly discarded if the couple didn't push their doc for a transfer. Wishing you and your little embie the best of luck!!
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DH: 39 - MF, low motility, low count

Me: 40 - lining issues, hx of polyps and fibroids

TTC since 2008.

Started IVF journey in 2012,3 fresh cycles and 3 FET attempts with first RE resulted in 3 BFNs and 3 cancelled transfers. No BFPs, no chemicals, never even seen a double line on HPT. cry.gif

Changed REs in 2015. Repeated all tests and decided to bank embryos for PGS testing due to history of BFNs. After 3 cycles and PGS testing - finally achieved 2 PGS normal embryos.banana.gifbanana.gif RE suggested ERA testing to determine implantation window.Mock cycle in May 2016 and July 2016, receptive results showing that 7 days of progesterone support required.

FET attempt #1 with new RE- Sept 2016: cancelled due topharmacy med mixup th_agrr.gif

FET attempt #2 with new RE - Nov 2016: cancelled again - lining not trilaminar eusa_wall.gif

FET #3 with new RE - Feb 2017 eusa_pray.gif- suppression check and removed nuvaring on Jan 12th. To start delestrogen injections Jan 16th. Final lining check on Feb 1st - got the green light to transfer finally!!yahoo.gifFeb 7th transferred one5bb euploid embryo, beta scheduled for Feb 21st.eusa_pray.gifSymptoms: strong sense of smell, very tired, tugging/pulling/small cramps, sore breasts, and heartburn. Caved and POAS at 4.5dpt and saw 2 lines for the very first time in my life, POAS every dayuntilsecond line was darker thancontrol!th_acheerlead.gif. Asked clinic to move up beta. First beta 9dp5dt=110; Second beta 11dp5dt=269; Third beta 13dp5dt=685. Ultrasound scheduled for March 3rd eusa_pray.gifeusa_pray.gifeusa_pray.gif

Due Oct 26, 2017!!!

#5 jtstan

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Posted 04 August 2017 - 11:00 AM

Hey there....my RE had checked by embryos on day 2 as he was going out of town and all 9 that had fertilized were doing well so he decided on a day 5 transfer.  Well I came in on day 5 and only 1 embryo had reached blastocyst stage...graded 1CA.  My understanding is that the first letter relates to the part of the embryo that forms the fetus and the second letter relates to the part of the embryo that forms the placenta...so the placenta cells looked great but the baby cells not so great...although he is 4 months old now and I think he's pretty cute :) They were also able to freeze another embryo graded 1BC on day 6 that I might as well still have hope for too! From what I read any arrangements of As and Bs all have pretty good chances, but when you get to Cs not so good...but hey, you really never know.  My clinic uses a different scale in regards to the number as my number 1 relates to an expanded blastocyst at my clinic.  So it would appear your 2BB is a blastocyst at an earlier stage, so maybe it just needs a little extra time to grow, particularly if it was frozen on day 5.  

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#6 Watermelon

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Posted 04 August 2017 - 12:02 PM

4BB nothing spectacular...but he's sure one spectacular kid now :).
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Me -29 31- unexplained poor egg quality. I was told I had endometriomas.....but repeat ultrasounds at other clinics have said no sign of endometriomas. Maybe PCOS-like ovaries, but no PCOS - AMH, AFC are great. No one can explain why my eggs are so poor sad.png

DH 30 - severe teratospermia, count and motility are excellent.

May 2014 - 2.5mg femara - BFN (ovulated night before)

June 2014 - IUI with 5mg femara - BFN (ovulated night before)

August 2014 - IVF with ICSI - Antagonist protocol, 150Bravelle, 75 menopur, stimmed 8 days

- 19 follicles (all 15-22mm at trigger), 12 eggs retrieved, 7 mature,, 5 fertilized with ICSIsad.png

- only 7 mature eggs with an estrogen of 20000?! wtf?! Sigh...Freeze All

-only one BB Blast made it. Freeze "all" became "freeze one". All others arrested between day 3 and 4 sad.png

January 2015 - FET of lone embryo - c'mon little figher

- BFP!!! Beta 1 475 at 10dp5dt , Beta 2 - 1495 at 12dp5dt

Baby boy born Sept 28/15

#7 From0to3

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Posted 04 August 2017 - 02:08 PM

Hi Christine - my textbook, 'perfect' hatching blasts - which the embryologist probably shouldn't have commented that she'd bet money on - all resulted in BFN or a miscarriage. My non-perfect 3ABs resulted in twins and my worst embryo that had degenerating cells after freezing resulted in my beautiful one year old. Its hard not to wonder why excellent looking embryos don't take and it definitely makes the disappointment that much more unbearable but try not to lose hope that your last one could result in a baby.  IVF is a horrible numbers game with little rhyme or reason. Warm wishes your way.

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IVF#1:17 Eggs, 4-5 Day Blasts: Transferred 2: th_abfn.gif

 FET#1: Transferred 2: th_abfp.gif m/[email protected] th_agrr.gif 

IVF#2: 5 Eggs, 5-5 Day Blasts: Transferred 2: th_abfp.gif Boy/Girl Twins born DEC 2013 babygirl.gif babyboy.gif 


FET#2:Transferred 1: th_abfp.gif Baby Girl born July 2016 babygirl.gif  


2 Frosties Remaining.

#8 Stellabella28

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Posted 05 August 2017 - 11:52 AM

My clinic is the same as ENFs and I beleive they transfered a hatching 3. Im currentlt 15 weeks pregnant.
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#9 Zoe13

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Posted 05 August 2017 - 03:16 PM

I had an FET with a 6AA embryo - BFN, then one with a 4AA that resulted in a miscarriage.  I believe my daughter (who's 4 yrs) was a 3AB.... so the "worst" of the bunch.  I wish you all the best.  I've been impressed with how much they seem to grow when they thaw.  Mine were all frozen as 3AB or 3AA on Day 5 of my IVF cycle but so far the thawed ones have been (as I said above) 6AA and 4AA by transfer time.  I will cross my fingers that your little one comes right along at thaw/transfer time!

IUI#1 - April 2011 - Clomid, Ovidrel, and Endometrin - BFN
IUI#2 - July 2011 - Letrozol, Ovidrel and Endometrin - BFN
IUI#3 - October 2011 - Gonal F (75iu), Ovidrel and Endometrin - BFN


IVF - July 2012 - Gonal F, Luveris, Cetrotide, Ovidrel, Prometrium and Estrace
13 eggs retrieved, 10 fertilized, 2 day 5 blasts transferred, 4 frozen BFP!
Feb. 2013 - Daughter born via emergency c-section at 30 weeks due to PPROM.  She's a healthy little one now!


FET #1 - Aug. 2016.  Short Protocol.  Transferred one perfect 6AA fully hatched blastocyst - BFN!
FET #2 - June 2017. Long Protocol.  BFP - No heartbeat and growth 3+wks behind at 9 wks 4 days.  D & C

FET #3 - October 2017. Long Protocol.  BFP!  

#10 christine.o

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Posted 06 August 2017 - 05:38 AM

Thank you all so much!! You have given me so much hope when I felt there was none ❤️ I really hope this is it for us I never imagined having to go through another full cycle but being down to our last embryo it could be a reality and I don't know if it's one we can afford.
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Me: 27 DH: 29

Trying for first baby for the both of us

#11 Kke1988

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Posted 22 September 2017 - 09:10 AM


My blast was a 5AA but I don't think quality matters too much. Also, frozen embryos, according to my doctor, have a 20% higher likelihood of implanting than fresh ones. Good luck!!

#12 pandora89

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Posted 23 September 2017 - 07:38 AM

I had an embryo that was frozen at a 4AC on day 6. When we thawed the embryo, it somehow corrected itself and expanded out to a 6AB. We transferred that with another embryo (was 3ab before freeze and expanded it to a 6ab after thawing). Only one stuck and I am currently 8.5 weeks pregnant. We don't know which one implanted but it could be either. The grades only mean so much.
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Me - 30 H - 32

TTC #1 since Dec 2013

October 2015 - AMH .43


IVF #1 - Jan 2016. 5 eggs retrieved, 4 matured, 0 fertilized.

IVF#2 - Jan 2016, Converted to IUI -BFN

IVF#3 - Feb 2017
10dp5dt - BFP Beta #1 55. 12dp5dt Beta  #2 132 Beta # 3 332 Beta #4 172,. Ectopic pregnancy in left tube. Pregnancy resolved itself.

FET #1 July 2017 - BFN

FET #2 August 17, 2017 - BFP Beta #1 10dp5dt - 800 , Beta #2 - 1501

08/08/2017 - Ultrasound 5 weeks 6 days shows 1 baby measuring right on track with heartbeat of 110 bpm!! yahoo.gif

14/08/2017 - Ultrasound measuring 6 weeks 6 days at 6 weeks 5 days, heartbeat of 138 BPM.

EDD - 04/05/2018 - Baby BOY! babyboy.gif

DS born May 7th, 2018.


Time for a sibling - No frosties, back to IVF

IVF #1 - 11 retrieved, 7 mature, 1 fertlized, did not make it to blast.

IVF #2 - 8 retrieved, 5 mature, 1 fertilized, 1 5 day blast frozen (5AB)

FET October 2019 - Natural FET cycle with trigger shot & HCG boosters. BFP HCG 10dp5dt - 316 12dp5dt - 687

Ultrasound at 6w1d shows perfect little baby, heart-rate 110BPM yahoo.gif

EDD - 22/06/2020 - Baby GIRL! babygirl.gif

#13 Graceland

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Posted 23 September 2017 - 09:42 AM

Our blastocysts were graded 4AA and 4BA. We're expecting twins.

Our previous transfer was with a 5AA "perfect" blastocyst and it resulted in a chemical pregnancy.

Twin girls born December 2017 after 7 years of TTC

See 'About Me' for full details

#14 ATXWannaBMomma

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Posted 15 November 2017 - 11:49 AM

We transferred 2 BB fresh and I'm 11 wks with singleton.  The more I researched the more I realized that the grade is not really a good way to judge possible success.

Me:41 DH: 38

TTC since 2014 (Age 38)

Natural TTC BFP Aug 2014 - MMC

TTC Naturally 2015 - BFN

Clomid 50 mg + TI x 3 cycles 2016 - BFN

IUI #1 Clomid 100 mg 12/2016 - BFN

IUI #2 Gonal-F (150 IU) 4/2017 - BFP - Chemical

IVF #1 (Mexico - LIV Puerto Vallarta) June 2017 - Natural Start.  Had cyst when I arrived in Mexico.  LIV aspirated the cyst and we moved forward with stims, but I only produced 2 follicles and we decided to cancel the cycle.  They only asked us to pay for meds.  Love them and would have gone back for cycle #2 if we had vacation time.

IUI #3 Gonal-F (200 IU) August 2017 - BFN

IVF #2 (TFC Austin TX) September 2017 - Estrogen Primed.  Gonal F 300-350; Menopur 75

     6 Egg Retrieved; 3 Fertilized; 3 Day 3; 2 Day 5; Transferred 2 Day 5 on 5 DP Retrieval - BFP HCG #1 (14 DPO) - 141

U/S #1 7wks - Measure 7w HB145!!!

U/S #2 8wks - Measure 8w HB 165!!!

U/S #3 9wks - Measure 9w3d HB 175

Due Baby # 1 June 5, 2018

#15 Canadamommy2

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Posted 06 December 2017 - 05:04 PM

Hi, I dont think if this msg will get to you Christine.o but I just hope this help you.
I just had my transfer this sat, and my RE told me that the after they thaw the embie, my little embie did grew from 3AA to 5AA.
So there is the chance that yours will still grow as well. ;-) and like most people said sometime the grade just doesnt really matter ;-)
Age : Me 34
Hubby 43

Trying to conceive : 2 years
IUI : 4 failed
IVF#1 : 19 folical, 19 retrieved, 11 fertilized with ICIS
FET#1, #2 : FAILED 😭😭
FET#3 : our Son, Alexander was born November 2015 🎉🎉🎉🎂😍💖

Sibling project is started ^^ 😊😊😊
FET #4 (2017) (Natural FET, estrace day3-7, hcg trigger shot, low does hcg every 3 days after transfer)
Cd3 : lining 4.1Cd9 : lining 7.1Cd10 : lining 8.6 tripple line+trigger shot good to go.
Dec2 : transfered 1 5AA BlastoBeta#1 (9dp5dt) 388 !!!!Beta#2 (12dp5dt) 798 !!!!!!! Im officially PREGNANT !!! ;-)
12w NT SCAN showed 10mm Cystic hygroma(didnt get the result until 15w ;-( ;-( )
NIPT low risk all 3 Trisomy 13, 18, 21
17w1d : Diagonsed with 11m cystic hygroma +hydrops
17w2d : Disgnosed with Hypo plastic right heart syndrome
18w4d : TMFR. Our hearts are shattered. Our little sleeping angel baby girl Cicely Bella Veighey was born @2:30.She was beautiful just like her name. She was so loved and so wanted. Mommy and daddy and your big brother will love you forever !!!Sibling project continue with the hole in our heart.Hoping to

TTC our rainbow baby girl (if possible)
FET#5 : transfered perfect 6AA fully hatched
10dp5dt : 428 Progesterone 60
12dp5dt : 709 (not quite double) progesterone 50
14dp5dt: 1457 Progesterone 49
19dp5dt: 6158 Progesterone ?
7w u/s gestrational sac measure 6w2d no fetal pole or heart beat
10w gestrational sac still the same 6w2d still no fetal pole or heart beat. Diagnosed with Blighted ovum ;( took Misoprostole to end the pregnancy and spotting for 8w until beta turned back to 0.

Continue our sibling Progect. We will bring home our rainbow this time!!

#16 Kke1988

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Posted 31 January 2018 - 05:27 PM

I agree with what a lot of people are saying that the quality or the grading doesnt really matter because if its gonna stick, its gonna stick. I think the actual percentage differences of success are so small. But since you asked, I just got my bfp with 2 4AA graded blast (dont know if Im having one of two). Last cycle I had an ectopic with a 5AA blast. I dont have any other ones so hopefully this sticks. Try not to feel down about it. You never know which one will work for you. So sorry to here about your miscarriage and prayers for your last one to work :)

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