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problem with progesterone?

progesterone FET crinone dosing

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#1 Carly102988

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Posted 18 July 2017 - 04:16 PM

Looking for ANY kind of advice. Had first attempt fresh transfer 05/2017 w/ BFP. (AF came day 6 of 2ww) Had 5 embryos frozen and decided two transfer 2. Started Estrogen 2x daily about 14 days ago, then 5 days prior to transfer started vaginal crinone suppositories twice a day. everything was going great and FET was set for 07/17. Well Saturday 07/15 took both estrogen pills but started feeling slightly crampy, ended up falling asleep and only taking morning dose of Circone. Wake up Sunday morning 07/16 and have spotting (small small amounts but none the less spotting) - Called RE and told had started my period and was told FET would be cancelled but to not stop hormones. So again, take morning Crinone and estrogen and in the next 20 minutes ALL bleeding and cramping stops. Called back RE who stated to come in 07/17 for FET and NOT cancel. No more spotting that day whatsoever. Had FET yesterday 07/17 (no spotting morning off). Still taking estrogen and crinone twice daily. Now this morning small amount of vaginal spotting. ( small enough to barley see - and mostly brown with a tinge of red) Small amount of cramps but I cannot tell if period cramps starting or due to Crinone/FET. I am wondering if that missed dose of Crinone just completely ruined this cycle? If anyone can shed any light on this I would be more than grateful!! thank you! :/

#2 Abrianna

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Posted 19 July 2017 - 02:39 PM

It sounds like fairly normal side effects from the Crinone suppositories. When I used then for my IUI cycles I had light spotting and cramping over the 2ww. Cramping is a normal side effect from progesterone. Spotting is usually from cervical irritation caused by suppository insertion. As long as it isn't full flow I wouldn't worry. Hope this one is a BFP!

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