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protocols for transfer from frozen egg donor

donor egg ET protocol

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#1 returnable

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Posted 08 June 2017 - 11:09 AM

Hi ladies. For those that have gone with a frozen egg donor, what was your protocol for transfer? I'm looking for timing, when things got started in terms of CD#, medications, and how long before the start to a transfer?

#2 Gabs

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Posted 08 June 2017 - 03:47 PM

Hi returnable. On CD 2 I started my medication. I took 4mg of Estrace twice a day. While I was menstruating I took it orally after I stopped menstruating I took it vaginally. On CD 14 I had an ultrasound to see if my lining was thick enough for a transfer (which it was). My husband then had to give his sperm sample. On the day that he gave his sperm sample, the eggs were fertilized and this is when I started taking the Prometrium. My Estrace dose changed to 2 mg twice a day and I started 200 mg of Prometrium 3 times a day both vaginally. I had a 5 day embryo transfer. So 5 days after the eggs were fertilized I had the embryo transfer. 

#3 Pom

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Posted 09 June 2017 - 07:04 AM

I am currently 3DP5DT from frozen donor eggs. Mine was the similar to Gabs. Except I have thin lining issues so I also took sildenafil suppositories until transfer day. Estrace (2mg twice a day vaginally), estradot patch 100 change every other day, sildenafil 25mg 4 times a day vaginally. I took an extra 5 days to build my lining so by day19 was when they decided to thaw the eggs and DH had to provide his sample. It was all up in the air until the ultrasound confirmed my lining was thick enough. Then it was all dependant on the labs schedule to be able to thaw and monitor the embryos.
The Same day as thaw I started the prometrium 2 three times a day. Kept going with the estrace, estradot and sildenafil.
Our embabies managed to make it to a 5 day transfer. After transfer prometrium continued. Estrace reduced to 6mg (1in morn, 2 at night). Stopped the other meds. I am still taking my vitamins and folic acid ofcourse. And keeping up the acupuncture till beta day.
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Dx: POF due to Chemo & Radiation;1996: bone marrow transplant, chemo & radiation fried ovaries, never got to meet AF;

2009: married;

2011: start exploring DE IVF options;

2012: referred to 2nd clinic for second opinion -confirmed POF. DE only option. 3 Mock cycles could not get uterine lining thicker than 0.4mm. Clinic said I need to explore other options and sent me on my way.

2013: On hold - started HRT for premature menopause symptoms;

2016: Another round of mock cycles - thin lining issues persist. Thickest lining achieved: 0.6mm. On waiting list for government funded cycle with DE in Winter 2017

2017: Moved up on the waiting list. New cycle start date: May 2017!

DE IVF #1: May 2017

Day 14 lining: 0.75mm (!)

June 6 - Transfer day. One transferred, one on ice.

June 15 - Beta Day - BFN sad.png



#4 returnable

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Posted 09 June 2017 - 08:12 AM

Thanks ladies.


Pom good luck with the beta :)


We spoke with our RE today and to increase our chances of pregnancy they will fertilize and grow the eggs to blastocysts and then freeze all. Then I will do a BCP/lupron/estrogen prep cycle which should take about 5-6 weeks.

#5 mar42

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Posted 09 June 2017 - 02:12 PM

Hi Returnable.....I think I had told you my protocol for transfer but here it goes again in case.

On cd #19 or 20 of first cycle I did a Lupron injection. Then cd # 3 of 2nd cycle I started climara and asaphan. On cd # 16

I went for ultrasound to check lining, It was good. CD #19 started progesterone day after was the egg warming. My bf had to go give his sperm. 5 days later we transferred.

#6 Jules013

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Posted 23 June 2017 - 09:16 AM

Hi returnable,

I think my protocol was similar to mar42, just different meds.
On CD 19 I started Suprefact. Stayed on that until my period came. Around CD 4/5 I started taking Estrace pills to build my lining (4mg orally and 2mg vaginally, twice daily because I had lining thickness issues during my mock cycle). Around CD16 my lining was checked. It was 8mm so I was told to keep taking my suprefact and estrace, and start taking Crinone (progesterone). I think I was on Crinone for a couple of days before eggs were thawed. We used a frozen sperm sample because DH had banked one as a precaution before we took a holiday in Mexico. We did a day 3 transfer of two, and I am now 8w2d pregnant with a singleton.

I think when you're on a drug like suprefact (which turns off your body's ability to make its own hormones), the timing is easier for the clinic to control. It doesn't really matter how long it takes to build that lining, once you reach the proper thickness, you can stay there by continuing with the meds and wait for embryos to grow...


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